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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
29.2120489-9.2.0Rel-9Usage monitoring control for both session level and PCC rule level Details C3-100749 agreedCP-100321approved9.3.0
29.2120488-9.2.0Rel-9Clarification of Reporting Accumulated Usage Details C3-100598 agreedCP-100321approved9.3.0
29.212048719.2.0Rel-9Clarification of CSG Information Reporting Details C3-100715 agreedCP-100321approved9.3.0
29.212048519.2.0Rel-9AVPs applicability for case 2b Details C3-100644 agreedCP-100309approved9.3.0
29.212048129.2.0Rel-9Add SDF filter to an existing PCC rule Details C3-100751 agreedCP-100309approved9.3.0
29.212047919.2.0Rel-9Corrections to PCC procedures over Gx reference point Details C3-100640 agreedCP-100309approved9.3.0
29.212047729.2.0Rel-9Number of packet filter send to UE Details C3-100754 agreedCP-100321approved9.3.0
29.212047339.2.0Rel-9Enumeration of QCI Details CP-100400  CP-100400approved9.3.0
29.212046919.2.0Rel-9QoS negotiation for 3GPP EPS access with GnGp SGSN Details C3-100630 agreedCP-100309approved9.3.0
29.2120465-9.2.0Rel-9Evolved ARP in GPRS Details C3-100536 agreedCP-100321approved9.3.0
29.2120464-9.2.0Rel-9Packet-Filter-Usage AVP in Gxx Details C3-100534 agreedCP-100321approved9.3.0
29.212046329.2.0Rel-9Filter direction handling Details C3-100753 agreedCP-100321approved9.3.0
29.212046229.2.0Rel-9Completion of Usage Reporting procedures. Details C3-100752 agreedCP-100321approved9.3.0
29.212046119.2.0Rel-9AVPs applicability for case 2a Details C3-100628 agreedCP-100309approved9.3.0
29.212045919.2.0Rel-9Flow-Description AVP to be syntactically optional Details C3-100626 agreedCP-100309approved9.3.0
29.212045719.2.0Rel-9M-bit correction in some AVPs Details C3-100623 agreedCP-100309approved9.3.0
29.212045529.2.0Rel-9Access Network Charging Identifier handling in Gx Details C3-100757 agreedCP-100309approved9.3.0
29.212045319.2.0Rel-9Reporting accumulated usage for a terminated IP-CAN session Details C3-100711 agreedCP-100321approved9.3.0
29.212045219.2.0Rel-9Missing code values Details C3-100624 agreedCP-100321approved9.3.0