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29.1980024-3.0.0R1999Clarification of life time of parameters in TpAuthDomain Details N5-000174 agreedNP-000520approved3.1.0
29.1980023-3.0.0R1999Alignment of Framework with Parlay 2.1, addition of setCallbackWithSessionID operation to IpService. Details N5-000176 agreedNP-000520approved3.1.0
29.198002213.0.0R1999Removal of unused types TpUIMessageCriteria, TpEntOpID and TpEntOpIDList. Details N5-000177 agreedNP-000520approved3.1.0
29.1980021-3.0.0R1999Removal of double description of the type TpCallServiceCode. Details N5-000151 agreedNP-000520approved3.1.0
29.198002013.0.0R1999Correction in descriptive text for Call STD regarding user interaction in 2 Parties in Call State. Details N5-000147 agreedNP-000520approved3.1.0
29.198001923.0.0R1999Alignment of Framework with Parlay 2.1, improvement of load statistic data-types. Details N5-000175 agreedNP-000520approved3.1.0
29.198001813.0.0R1999Alignment of Framework with Parlay 2.1 addition of DES 128 bit authentication. Details N5-000145 agreedNP-000520approved3.1.0
29.198001713.0.0R1999Alignment of Framework with Parlay 2.1, renaming of TpPropertyStruct to TpServiceTypeProperty Details N5-000144 agreedNP-000520approved3.1.0
29.198001613.0.0R1999Alignment of Framework with Parlay 2.1, service and interface naming correction. Details N5-000143 agreedNP-000520approved3.1.0
29.198001513.0.0R1999Alignment of Framework with Parlay 2.1 undefined datatype in endaccess operation of IpAccess. Details N5-000142 agreedNP-000520approved3.1.0
29.198001413.0.0R1999Alignment of Framework with Parlay 2.1, missing service properties parameter in getServiceManager() operation of IpSvcFactory. Details N5-000141 agreedNP-000520approved3.1.0
29.198001313.0.0R1999Alignment of Framework with Parlay 2.1, missing operation fwUnavailableInd in IpAppFaultManager. Details N5-000140 agreedNP-000519approved3.1.0
29.198001213.0.0R1999Alignment of Framework with Parlay 2.1, only one error returned in load manager query Details N5-000139 agreedNP-000519approved3.1.0
29.198001113.0.0R1999Alignment of Framework with Parlay 2.1, one interface per application correction Details N5-000138 agreedNP-000519approved3.1.0
29.198001023.0.0R1999Alignment of Framework with Parlay 2.1, parameter name and data-type alignments Details N5-000173 agreedNP-000519approved3.1.0
29.198000923.0.0R1999Alignment of Framework with Parlay 2.1, correction of missing service token Details N5-000172 agreedNP-000519approved3.1.0
29.198000823.0.0R1999Alignment of Framework with Parlay 2.1, improvement on business entity identification Details N5-000171 agreedNP-000519approved3.1.0
29.1980007-3.0.0R1999Reduction in name scoping in IDL for createUICall operation on IpUICall interface Details N5-000134 agreedNP-000519approved3.1.0
29.1980006-3.0.0R1999Correction to table with overview of IDL files Details N5-000133 agreedNP-000519approved3.1.0
29.1980005-3.0.0R1999Common IDL interfaces for Generic Call Control and Generic User Interaction between 3GPP, ETSI SPAN3 and Parlay Details N5-000132 agreedNP-000519approved3.1.0
29.198000413.0.0R1999Remove of E.164 Mobile and correction of numbering in TpAddressPlan Details N5-000121 agreedNP-000519approved3.1.0
29.198000323.0.0R1999Correction of numbering in TpResultInfo Details N5-000120 agreedNP-000519approved3.1.0
29.198000113.0.0R1999Improvement of User Interaction STDs Details N5-000118 agreedNP-000519approved3.1.0