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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
45.0080135-5.6.0Rel-5Inclusion of AMR-WB on O-TCH Details GP-022021 agreedGP-022021approved5.7.0
45.008013015.6.0Rel-5Correction: validity period of NC_FREQUENCY_LIST Details GP-021928 agreedGP-021928approved5.7.0
45.0080128-5.6.0Rel-5Removal of obsolete reference to DRX parameters Details GP-021630 agreedGP-021630approved5.7.0
45.008012715.6.0Rel-5Removal of CBQ2 Details GP-022066 agreedGP-022066approved5.7.0
45.0080125-5.6.0Rel-5Correction on call re-establishment for multimode terminals Details GP-021431 agreedGP-021431approved5.7.0
45.0080123-5.6.0Rel-5Correction to cell reselection time requirement (GSM to UTRAN FDD) Details GP-021425 agreedGP-021425approved5.7.0
45.0080121-5.6.0Rel-5EMR in case of signalling only mode Details GP-021422 agreedGP-021422approved5.7.0
45.008011915.6.0Rel-5Clarification for EMR on SDCCH Details GP-021955 agreedGP-021955approved5.7.0
45.0080118-5.6.0Rel-5Correction on the applicability of reporting priority Details GP-021418 agreedGP-021418approved5.7.0
45.0080116-5.6.0Rel-5RXQUAL_SUB performance requirement for AMR during speech periods Details GP-021415 agreedGP-021415approved5.7.0
45.008011515.6.0Rel-5Editorial clean up of references Details GP-021839 agreedGP-021839approved5.7.0