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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
34.123-31897-6.0.0Rel-6Correction to GCF WI-10 RRC Test Case
34.123-31896-6.0.0Rel-6Corrections of approved GCF WI-12 test case
34.123-31892-6.0.0Rel-6Correction to GCF WI-10 RRC Test Case
34.123-31891-6.0.0Rel-6Correction to GCF WI-10 Idle Mode Test Case
34.123-31890-6.0.0Rel-6Correction to approved GCF WI-10/3 RRC test case
34.123-31889-6.0.0Rel-6Addition of E-DCH MAC test case to HSU_ENH ATS v6.0.0R5s060347agreedRP-060745approved6.1.0
34.123-31888-6.0.0Rel-6Addition of E-DCH MAC test case to HSU_ENH ATS v6.0.0R5s060343agreedRP-060745approved6.1.0
34.123-31887-6.0.0Rel-6TTCN to extend Guard Timer for GCF WI-14 RAB Test CaseR5s060262agreedRP-060738approved6.1.0
34.123-31886-6.0.0Rel-6Summary of regression errors in wk36 HSD_ENH ATSR5s060277agreedRP-060738approved6.1.0
34.123-31885-6.0.0Rel-6Correction to HSDPA MRAT testcase
34.123-31884-6.0.0Rel-6Correction to GCF WI 14 RRC testcases in Non Ciphering path.R5s060301agreedRP-060738approved6.1.0
34.123-31883-6.0.0Rel-6Corrections to GCF WI 14/1 test case
34.123-31882-6.0.0Rel-6Corrections to GCF WI-14/1 test case
34.123-31881-6.0.0Rel-6Correction of PDP_Context_Status mandatory IE for Rel 5 and aboveR5s060333agreedRP-060738approved6.1.0
34.123-31880-6.0.0Rel-6Correction to testcase
34.123-31879-6.0.0Rel-6TTCN to extend Guard Timer for GCF WI-10 and 12 RRC & RAB Test CasesR5s060261agreedRP-060737approved6.1.0
34.123-31878-6.0.0Rel-6Correction to testcase 14.2.58R5s060267agreedRP-060737approved6.1.0
34.123-31877-6.0.0Rel-6Correction to GCF WI-12 RRC Test Case
34.123-31876-6.0.0Rel-6Correction to approved GCF WI-010 Test Case 16.2.1R5s060278agreedRP-060737approved6.1.0
34.123-31875-6.0.0Rel-6Summary of Regression Errors in wk36 ATSR5s060280agreedRP-060737approved6.1.0
34.123-31874-6.0.0Rel-6Summary of regression errors in wk36 GCF WI-10 and GCF WI-12 ATSR5s060274agreedRP-060737approved6.1.0
34.123-31873-6.0.0Rel-6Correction to WI 10/2 RRC testcase
34.123-31872-6.0.0Rel-6TTCN correction to GCF WI-10 RRC Test Cases and
34.123-31871-6.0.0Rel-6TTCN Correction to GCF WI-10 RRC Test Cases, and
34.123-31870-6.0.0Rel-6Summary of regression errors in the wk36 IR_U_r3 ATS.R5s060290agreedRP-060737approved6.1.0
34.123-31869-6.0.0Rel-6iWD_wk36 ATS Regression Errors CorrectionsR5s060294agreedRP-060737approved6.1.0
34.123-31868-6.0.0Rel-6Correction to RRC testcase
34.123-31867-6.0.0Rel-6Correction to RRC testcase
34.123-31866-6.0.0Rel-6Correction to IR_U testcases for XID negotiationR5s060298agreedRP-060737approved6.1.0
34.123-31865-6.0.0Rel-6Correction to GCF WI-12 RRC Test Case
34.123-31864-6.0.0Rel-6Correction of GCF WI-10 RRC testcase
34.123-31863-6.0.0Rel-6Correction to IR_U testcase
34.123-31862-6.0.0Rel-6Corrections to GCF WI-10 RAB testcases and 14.4.2a.3R5s060308agreedRP-060736approved6.1.0
34.123-31861-6.0.0Rel-6Correction to the RRC test case
34.123-31860-6.0.0Rel-6Summary of regression errors in wk38 GCF WI-10 and GCF WI-12 ATSR5s060309agreedRP-060736approved6.1.0
34.123-31859-6.0.0Rel-6Summary of regression errors in the wk38 InterRAT ATSs.R5s060315agreedRP-060736approved6.1.0
34.123-31858-6.0.0Rel-6Correction to approved GCF WI-12/1 RAB test case 14.2.58aR5s060321agreedRP-060736approved6.1.0
34.123-31857-6.0.0Rel-6Correction to GCF WI-10 RRC Test Case
34.123-31856-6.0.0Rel-6Corrections to GCF WI-12 RRC Test Cases &
34.123-31855-6.0.0Rel-6Summary of Regression Errors in RLC wk38 ATSR5s060331agreedRP-060736approved6.1.0
34.123-31854-6.0.0Rel-6Introduction of Band 6 to test casesR5s060324agreedRP-060736approved6.1.0
34.123-31853-6.0.0Rel-6Corrections to GCF WI-10 Test Cases and
34.123-31852-6.0.0Rel-6Correction to the NAS Test Case 12.9.12 and 12.9.13R5s060334agreedRP-060736approved6.1.0
34.123-31851-6.0.0Rel-6Correction to SMS testcase 16.2.1R5s060320agreedRP-060736approved6.1.0
34.123-31850-6.0.0Rel-6Summary of regression errors in wk38 GCF WI-10 and WI-12 ATSR5s060337agreedRP-060736approved6.1.0
34.123-31849-6.0.0Rel-6Correction to GCF WI-10 IR-U Test Case
34.123-31848-6.0.0Rel-6Addition of DSAC test case 9.5.9 to HSU_ENH_ATS V6.0.0R5s060244agreedRP-060740approved6.1.0
34.123-31847-6.0.0Rel-6Addition of DSAC test case to HSU_ENH_ATS V6.0.0R5s060246agreedRP-060740approved6.1.0
34.123-31846-6.0.0Rel-6Addition of DSAC test case to HSU_ENH_ATS V5.5.0R5s060251agreedRP-060740approved6.1.0
34.123-31845-6.0.0Rel-6Addition of GCF WI-24 DSAC test case 12.9.15 to HSU ATS v6.0.0R5s060263agreedRP-060740approved6.1.0
34.123-31844-6.0.0Rel-6Addition of DSAC test case to HSU_ENH_r6 ATS.R5s060281agreedRP-060740approved6.1.0
34.123-31843-6.0.0Rel-6Addition of DSAC test case to HSU_ENH_r6 ATSR5s060283agreedRP-060740approved6.1.0
34.123-31842-6.0.0Rel-6Addition of DSAC test case to HSU_ENH_r6 ATS.R5s060288agreedRP-060740approved6.1.0
34.123-31841-6.0.0Rel-6Addition of HSDPA RAB test case 14.6.7 to HSD_ENH ATS v5.5.0R5s060313agreedRP-060738approved6.1.0
34.123-31840-6.0.0Rel-6Addition of GCF WI10 RRC test case to RRC ATS v6.0.0R5s060257agreedRP-060736approved6.1.0
34.123-31839-6.0.0Rel-6Addition of GCF WI10 RRC test case to RRC ATS v6.0.0R5s060265agreedRP-060736approved6.1.0
34.123-31838-6.0.0Rel-6Addition of GCF WI10 RRC test case to RRC ATS v6.0.0R5s060295agreedRP-060736approved6.1.0
34.123-31837-6.0.0Rel-6Addition of GCF WI-25 E-DCH test case to HSU_ENH_r6 ATS.R5s060270agreedRP-060745approved6.1.0
34.123-31836-6.0.0Rel-6Addition of GCF WI-25 E-DCH test case 14.7.1 to HSU_ENH_r6 ATS.R5s060259agreedRP-060745approved6.1.0
34.123-31835-6.0.0Rel-6Addition of E-DCH InterRAT test case to HSU_ENH_r6 ATS.R5s060272agreedRP-060745approved6.1.0
34.123-31834-6.0.0Rel-6Addition of E-DCH RRC test case to HSU_ENH ATS v5.5.0R5s060286agreedRP-060745approved6.1.0
34.123-31833-6.0.0Rel-6Addition of EDCH test case to HSU ATS v5.5.0R5s060304agreedRP-060745approved6.1.0
34.123-31832-6.0.0Rel-6Addition of E-DCH MAC test case to HSU_ENH ATS v5.5.0R5s060311agreedRP-060745approved6.1.0
34.123-31831-6.0.0Rel-6to 34.123-3: Add new verified and e-mail agreed TTCN test cases in the TC lists in 34.123-3 (prose), Annex A- RP-060741approved6.1.0
34.123-31830-6.0.0Rel-6to 34.123-3: New annex guidance to TC executionsR5-063546agreedRP-060734approved6.1.0
34.123-31829-6.0.0Rel-6to 34.123-3: New PIXIT for band VI testR5-063375agreedRP-060734approved6.1.0
34.123-31828-6.0.0Rel-6to 34.123-3, Corrections of ASP and EDCH configurationsR5-063063agreedRP-060744approved6.1.0