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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.1400174-6.6.0Rel-6Additional DRM Requirements to the MMS Relay Server Details T2-040357 agreedTP-040172approved6.7.0
23.1400173-6.6.0Rel-6Support of Messaging Service Control Function (MSCF) Details T2-040369 agreedTP-040172approved6.7.0
23.1400172-6.6.0Rel-6Adding the Information Elements VASID and VASPID to the MM7_Deliver.REQ Details T2-040354 agreedTP-040172approved6.7.0
23.1400171-6.6.0Rel-6Support for multiple and single recipients on MM4 Details T2-040352 agreedTP-040172approved6.7.0
23.1400170-6.6.0Rel-6Clarification of MM4_Forward.RES covering partial status information. Details T2-040362 agreedTP-040172approved6.7.0
23.1400169-6.6.0Rel-6Clarification of interpretation of value “No” in Information Element “Forward to Originator UA” in the MM4 Delivery Report Forwarding Details T2-040358 agreedTP-040172approved6.7.0
23.1400168-6.6.0Rel-6Indication about Content Adaptation Details T2-040356 agreedTP-040172approved6.7.0
23.1400167-6.6.0Rel-6Adding status text in the MM1 Delivery Report Details T2-040355 agreedTP-040172approved6.7.0
23.1400166-6.6.0Rel-6Introducing Application Addressing in MMS Details T2-040347 agreedTP-040172approved6.7.0
23.1400165-6.6.0Rel-6Clarification about WAP-based and IP-based MM1 implementations Details T2-040342 agreedTP-040172approved6.7.0
23.1400164-6.6.0Rel-6Deletion of annex K.6 Details T2-040359 agreedTP-040172approved6.7.0