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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
34.121-1120728.8.0Rel-8Update of tests 9.6.1 and 9.6.2 (HS-DSCH and HS-SCCH in CELL_FACH state)R5-096290agreedRP-091118approved8.9.0
34.121-11206-8.8.0Rel-8Clarification for Maximum Output Power with HS-DPCCH and E-DCH 5.2B Test caseR5-096288agreedRP-091117approved8.9.0
34.121-11205-8.8.0Rel-8Addition of AWGN definition for DC-HSDPA testsR5-096286agreedRP-091124approved8.9.0
34.121-11204-8.8.0Rel-8Updates to Annexure A to Annexure F. in 34.121-1R5-096284agreedRP-091124approved8.9.0
34.121-11203-8.8.0Rel-8Update to Reporting CQI test cases for DC-HSDPAR5-096283agreedRP-091124approved8.9.0
34.121-11202-8.8.0Rel-8Update to DC-HSDPA related sections 9.2 of TS 34.121-1R5-096282agreedRP-091124approved8.9.0
34.121-11201-8.8.0Rel-8Introduction of Type 3i test case uncertainties and Test TolerancesR5-096051agreedRP-091126approved8.9.0
34.121-11200-8.8.0Rel-8Correction to 9.2.3D for supported UE categoriesR5-096050agreedRP-091117approved8.9.0
34.121-11199-8.8.0Rel-8Adding test tolerances and connection diagram references into DC-HSDPA receiver testsR5-095921agreedRP-091124approved8.9.0
34.121-11198-8.8.0Rel-8Addition of DC-HSDPA receiver test cases to annex FR5-095920agreedRP-091124approved8.9.0
34.121-11197-8.8.0Rel-8Addition of Connection Diagrams for DC-HSDPA receiver testsR5-095918agreedRP-091124approved8.9.0
34.121-11196-8.8.0Rel-8to 34.121-1: Addtion of UTRA FDD - E-UTRA FDD HO test: unknown target cellR5-095872agreedRP-091121approved8.9.0
34.121-11195-8.8.0Rel-8to 34.121-1: Update to UTRA FDD - E-UTRA FDD HO test caseR5-095871agreedRP-091121approved8.9.0
34.121-11194-8.8.0Rel-8to 34.121-1: Update to UTRA FDD - E-UTRA FDD cell search (fading) test caseR5-095870agreedRP-091121approved8.9.0