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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
34.123-32675-8.2.0Rel-8ASP corrections for Enhanced FACH DLR5-095190agreedRP-090794approved8.3.0
34.123-32674-8.2.0Rel-8ASP enhancement for Improved Layer 2 UL and 64QAM+MIMOR5-095029agreedRP-090799approved8.3.0
34.123-32673-8.2.0Rel-8Documentation of LTDD ASP changesR5-094070agreedRP-090794approved8.3.0
34.123-32672-8.2.0Rel-8Packet Uplink Assignment should be sent on PACCH instead of PAGCHR5s090103agreedRP-090797approved8.3.0
34.123-32671-8.2.0Rel-8Addition of Rel-8 RRC test case
34.123-32670-8.2.0Rel-8Addition of GCF WI-068 IMPROVED L2 RRC testcase to HS_ENH_r7 ATS v8.2.0R5s090098agreedRP-090797approved8.3.0
34.123-32669-8.2.0Rel-8Correction to GCF WI-025 HSUPA TC
34.123-32668-8.2.0Rel-8Correction to GCF WI-010 IR-U test cases
34.123-32667-8.2.0Rel-8Correction to GCF WI 24/1 test case
34.123-32666-8.2.0Rel-8Corrections to GCF WI-068 and WI-069 test cases 14.6.1c and 7.1.5a.5.2 and 7.1.5a.5.3.R5s090101agreedRP-090797approved8.3.0
34.123-32665-8.2.0Rel-8Correction to DualCarrierFreqParam Structured Type DefinitionR5s090102agreedRP-090797approved8.3.0
34.123-32664-8.2.0Rel-8Addition of GCF WI-069 64QAM RAB test case 14.6.6b to HSPA7_ENH ATS v8.2.0R5s090085agreedRP-090797approved8.3.0
34.123-32663-8.2.0Rel-8Addition of CS Voice over HSPA test case
34.123-32662-8.2.0Rel-8Correction to the MRAT test case
34.123-32661-8.2.0Rel-8Correction to the CPC test case
34.123-32660-8.2.0Rel-8Correction to Bcap type definition to support 9 speech versionsR5s090089agreedRP-090797approved8.3.0
34.123-32659-8.2.0Rel-8Improvement of Rel-7 security stepsR5s090087agreedRP-090797approved8.3.0
34.123-32658-8.2.0Rel-8Addition of GCF WI-070 CPC RRC testcase to HS_ENH_r7 ATS v8.2.0R5s090083agreedRP-090797approved8.3.0
34.123-32657-8.2.0Rel-8TTCN Correction to testcase
34.123-32656-8.2.0Rel-8Correction to the wk19 TTCN for Packet Uplink Assignment messageR5s090081agreedRP-090797approved8.3.0
34.123-32655-8.2.0Rel-8Correction to GCF WI 70 CPC RRC test casesR5s090080agreedRP-090797approved8.3.0
34.123-32654-8.2.0Rel-8Addition of GCF WI-068 Improved L2 RAB testcase 14.6.6a to HS_ENH_r7 ATS v8.1.0R5s090068agreedRP-090797approved8.3.0
34.123-32653-8.2.0Rel-8Addition of GCF WI-068 Improved L2 RAB testcase 14.7.6b to HS_ENH_r7 ATS v8.1.0R5s090070agreedRP-090797approved8.3.0
34.123-32652-8.2.0Rel-8Addition of GCF WI-069 64QAM RAB test case 14.6.1c to HSPA7_ENH ATSR5s090076agreedRP-090797approved8.3.0
34.123-32651-8.2.0Rel-8Correction to GCF WI-012 RRC Testcase
34.123-32650-8.2.0Rel-8Corrections to GCF WI-070 CPC Test Cases
34.123-32649-8.2.0Rel-8Addition of GCF WI-069 64 QAM MAC test case 7.1.5a.5.3 to HSPA7_ENH ATSR5s090074agreedRP-090797approved8.3.0
34.123-32648-8.2.0Rel-8to 34.123-3: Add new verified and e-mail agreed TTCN test cases in the TC lists in 34.123-3 (prose), Annex ARP-090796 RP-090796approved8.3.0