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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
45.0080195-6.3.0Rel-6Correction to layer 1 criterion for radio link failure Details GP-032230 agreedGP-032230approved6.4.0
45.008019416.3.0Rel-6Correction of insufficient range of the FDD_Qmin parameter Details GP-032224 agreedGP-032224approved6.4.0
45.0080186-6.3.0Rel-6Correction to the possibility to test Iu mode capability Details GP-032013 agreedGP-032013approved6.4.0
45.0080183-6.3.0Rel-6Correction for identification of TDD cells Details GP-031987 agreedGP-031987approved6.4.0
45.008018016.3.0Rel-6Clarification to Extended Dynamic Allocation for high multislot classes Details GP-032184 agreedGP-032184approved6.4.0
45.0080179-6.3.0Rel-6MS power control for packet channels in case of DTM and no valid C value Details GP-031925 agreedGP-031925approved6.4.0
45.0080178-6.3.0Rel-6Update on radio sub-system link control parameters Details GP-031924 agreedGP-031924approved6.4.0
45.008017516.3.0Rel-6Correction on DTM power control Details GP-031783 agreedGP-031783approved6.4.0
45.008017226.3.0Rel-6Modification of accuracy requirements for MEAN_BEP for EGPRS Details GP-032228 agreedGP-032228approved6.4.0