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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
29.212033028.4.0Rel-83GPP2-BSID over Gx Details C3-091127 agreedCP-090572approved8.5.0
29.212032518.4.0Rel-8Report the UE time zone information to the PCRF Details C3-091074 agreedCP-090572approved8.5.0
29.212032418.4.0Rel-8Handling of multiple BBERF Details C3-091054 agreedCP-090571approved8.5.0
29.212032318.4.0Rel-8Correction to the table of Gxx re-used AVPs Details C3-091075 agreedCP-090572approved8.5.0
29.212032118.4.0Rel-8Error handling in authorized QoS enforcement Details C3-091090 agreedCP-090569approved8.5.0
29.212031838.4.0Rel-8Trace (de)activation at P-GW Details C3-091135 agreedCP-090572approved8.5.0
29.212031338.4.0Rel-8Clarification for the Gxx Gx linking Details C3-091136 agreedCP-090585approved8.5.0
29.212030518.4.0Rel-8Adding the missed AVP in the RAA Details C3-091067 agreedCP-090569approved8.5.0
29.212030318.4.0Rel-8Alignment of TFT and PCC packet filters Details C3-091042 agreedCP-090569approved8.5.0
29.2120299-8.4.0Rel-8Fix the redirect procedure over the Gx interface Details C3-090849 agreedCP-090580approved8.5.0
29.2120298-8.4.0Rel-8Correction for 3GPP2 AVP BSID Details C3-090841 agreedCP-090572approved8.5.0
29.212029618.4.0Rel-8AVP code 1051 Reassignment Details C3-091065 agreedCP-090572approved8.5.0
29.212029518.4.0Rel-8BCM in Gxx for 3gpp accesses Details C3-091055 agreedCP-090572approved8.5.0
29.212029328.4.0Rel-8ARP priority level values in intra-operator domain Details C3-091027 agreedCP-090571approved8.5.0
29.212029218.4.0Rel-8Dual IP address allocation Details C3-091064 agreedCP-090572approved8.5.0
29.212029128.4.0Rel-8Indication of QoS reservation result over Gx and Gxx Details C3-091123 agreedCP-090572approved8.5.0
29.212029038.4.0Rel-8Supported features handling in Gx Details C3-091164 agreedCP-090572approved8.5.0
29.212028918.4.0Rel-8Deferred leg linking indicator in Gxx Details C3-091048 agreedCP-090571approved8.5.0