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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.4012169110.4.0Rel-10InterPLMN Handover to a CSG cell Details S2-113607 agreedSP-110459approved10.5.0
23.4012168210.4.0Rel-10Dual-stack and Single-stack PDN Types in Subscription Data Details S2-113801 agreedSP-110459approved10.5.0
23.4012163110.4.0Rel-10Further clarifications on Relay Node architecture Details S2-113720 agreedSP-110460approved10.5.0
23.4012160-10.4.0Rel-10Alignment of EWT timer handling with RAN Details S2-113342 agreedSP-110458approved10.5.0
23.4012156-10.4.0Rel-10Alignment of text of UE behaviour when EMM back-off timer applies Details S2-113204 agreedSP-110458approved10.5.0
23.4012148110.4.0Rel-10Adding Associated PLMN to CSG entries Details S2-113612 agreedSP-110456approved10.5.0
23.4012146110.4.0Rel-10Correct AS security information for MME Details S2-113721 agreedSP-110460approved10.5.0
23.4012145210.4.0Rel-10Correction and Clean Up for MTC overload issue Details S2-113701 agreedSP-110458approved10.5.0
23.4012138-10.4.0Rel-10APN resolution in the VPLMN if using LBO Details S2-113029 agreedSP-110459approved10.5.0
23.4012133310.4.0Rel-10Emergency Attach when MM back-off timer is running Details S2-113808 agreedSP-110458approved10.5.0
23.4012026610.4.0Rel-10Unidirectional bearer Details S2-113580 agreedSP-110460approved10.5.0