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See details 34.1080831-F9.0.0Rel-9Correction to default Enhanced UL in CELL_FACH RB condition A29 Details R5-103862 agreed Nokia Details RP-100519 approvedRAN#48R59.1.0RANimp-UEConTes...
See details 34.1080830-F9.0.0Rel-9Addition band d and band e for LCR TDD in 34.108 Details R5-103812 agreed CATT Details RP-100505 approvedRAN#48R59.1.0TEI_Test
See details 34.1080829-F9.0.0Rel-9Correction to HS-SCCH configuration in RB Setup (DC-HSDPA) Details R5-103725 agreed Agilent Technologies Details RP-100517 approvedRAN#48R59.1.0RANimp-UEConTes...
See details 34.1080828-F9.0.0Rel-9Amendment to some radio bearer configurations for 7.68 Mcps TDD Details R5-103685 agreed IPWireless Inc. Details RP-100508 approvedRAN#48R59.1.0TEI7_Test
See details 34.1080827-F9.0.0Rel-9Addition of HNB related information Details R5-103668 agreed Huawei Details RP-100518 approvedRAN#48R59.1.0HNB-UEConTestFDD
See details 34.1080826-F9.0.0Rel-9Aligning UTRAN USIM parameters for multi-RAT devices Details R5-103659 agreed Research In Motion Details RP-100511 approvedRAN#48R59.1.0TEI8_Test
See details 34.1080825-F9.0.0Rel-9Adding eCall services support in Elementary File USIM Service Table - EFUST Details R5-103399 agreed Qualcomm Incorp... Details RP-100525 approvedRAN#48R59.1.0UMTS_eCall_UEConTest
See details 34.1080824-F9.0.0Rel-9Specify the MAC-c header for the reference RB combinations on PRACH and HS-DSCH in Details R5-103286 agreed Ericsson, ST-Er... Details RP-100508 approvedRAN#48R59.1.0TEI7_Test
See details 34.1080823-F9.0.0Rel-9Addition conditions in message RADIO BEARER SETUP and RRC CONNECTION SETUP for LCR TDD Details R5-103182 agreed CATT Details RP-100522 approvedRAN#48R59.1.0RANimp-UEConTes...
See details 34.1080822-F9.0.0Rel-9Default SIB5 contents for UEs supporting Enhanced UL/DL in CELL_FACH state Details R5-103152 agreed ETSI MCC Details RP-100511 approvedRAN#48R59.1.0TEI8_Test
See details 34.1080821-F9.0.0Rel-9CR to 34.108: Introduction of test frequencies of band XXI to DC-HSDPA tests Details R5-103100 agreed NTT DOCOMO Details RP-100523 approvedRAN#48R59.1.0UMTSLTE1500_UEC...
See details 34.1080820-F9.0.0Rel-9Correction to Radio Bearer Setup message for A17b & A17c Configurations Details R5-103030 agreed Rohde & Schwarz Details RP-100508 approvedRAN#48R59.1.0TEI7_Test