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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
29.1180156210.2.0Rel-10VLR behavior in SGs NULL state Details C1-111517 agreedCP-110197approved10.3.0
29.1180155110.2.0Rel-10Paging accept in SGs NULL state at MME Details C1-111442 agreedCP-110197approved10.3.0
29.1180154110.2.0Rel-10Location update trigger correction in SGs-ASSOCIATED state Details C1-111441 agreedCP-110197approved10.3.0
29.1180153-10.2.0Rel-10Timer handling in detach response Details C1-110929 agreedCP-110197approved10.3.0
29.1180151110.2.0Rel-10Implicit detach procedure in VLR when MME goes detached Details C1-111431 agreedCP-110197approved10.3.0
29.1180150210.2.0Rel-10Clarification about usage of eMLPP priority IE in SGsAP-PAGING-REQUEST Details C1-111465 agreedCP-110189approved10.3.0
29.1180149210.2.0Rel-10Discarding LSA identity in MM INFORMATION REQUEST message Details C1-111443 agreedCP-110197approved10.3.0
29.1180148110.2.0Rel-10Explicit IMSI detach from EPS services triggered by PTAU reject Details C1-110459 agreedCP-110197approved10.3.0
29.1180145310.2.0Rel-10Implicit detach handling for EPS and non-EPS services Details C1-111515 agreedCP-110197approved10.3.0
29.1180144-10.2.0Rel-10Correction of handling of call forwarding Details C1-110112 agreedCP-110197approved10.3.0
29.1180143-10.2.0Rel-10Requirement for inclusion of LCS client identity IE in SGsAP-PAGING-REQUEST message Details C1-110077 agreedCP-110197approved10.3.0