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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
29.118001418.0.0Rel-8Corrections and additions for procedures for SMS delivery over SGs Details C1-091275 agreedCP-090154approved8.1.0
29.118001328.0.0Rel-8IE of paging request Details C1-091352 agreedCP-090154approved8.1.0
29.118001228.0.0Rel-8SS Handling details in VLR Details C1-091355 agreedCP-090154approved8.1.0
29.118001128.0.0Rel-8Corrections in state models for VLR/MME Details C1-091354 agreedCP-090154approved8.1.0
29.118001018.0.0Rel-8Adding IE Details Details C1-091272 agreedCP-090154approved8.1.0
29.118000918.0.0Rel-8MME behaviour when receiving Paging for SMS Details C1-091271 agreedCP-090154approved8.1.0
29.118000838.0.0Rel-8Abnormal conditions for UL and DL Unitdata procedures Details C1-091386 agreedCP-090154approved8.1.0
29.118000718.0.0Rel-8VLR number derivation Details C1-091270 agreedCP-090154approved8.1.0
29.118000618.0.0Rel-8Clarifications for MM information procedure Details C1-091252 agreedCP-090154approved8.1.0
29.1180005-8.0.0Rel-8Location update for non-EPS services procedure: failure and abnormal cases Details C1-090308 agreedCP-090154approved8.1.0
29.118000418.0.0Rel-8Consistent usage of HSS Details C1-090800 agreedCP-090154approved8.1.0
29.118000328.0.0Rel-8Clarifications of CSFB paging procedure in MME Details C1-091325 agreedCP-090154approved8.1.0
29.1180002-8.0.0Rel-8SGs paging with access control in E-UTRAN Details C1-090102 agreedCP-090154approved8.1.0
29.118000128.0.0Rel-8Handle of CSFB paging procedure when UE is in connected mode Details C1-091326 agreedCP-090154approved8.1.0