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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
36.1410145-8.4.0Rel-8Correction of Band 11 requirements for TS36.141 Rel-8R4-094980agreedRP-091287approved8.5.0
36.141014318.4.0Rel-8Applicability of uncertainty for transmitter transient periodR4-094798agreedRP-091267approved8.5.0
36.1410123-8.4.0Rel-8Testing in case of Rx diversity, Tx diversity and MIMOR4-094497agreedRP-091276approved8.5.0
36.1410120-8.4.0Rel-8Corrections on frequency range of unwanted emissions requirementsR4-094399agreedRP-091265approved8.5.0
36.1410118-8.4.0Rel-8Multi-path fading propagation conditions reference correctionR4-094327agreedRP-091266approved8.5.0
36.141011618.4.0Rel-8UL Timing Adjustment test clarificationsR4-094711agreedRP-091269approved8.5.0
36.141011018.4.0Rel-8Clarification on PRACH False alarm probabilityR4-094945agreedRP-091270approved8.5.0
36.1410107-8.4.0Rel-8Clarification on Spurious emissions limits for BS co-existed with another BS (Technically endorsed at RAN 4 52bis in R4-094012)R4-094196agreedRP-091266approved8.5.0
36.1410105-8.4.0Rel-8HARQ feedback clarification addition (Annex B) (Technically endorsed at RAN 4 52bis in R4-093997)R4-094192agreedRP-091267approved8.5.0
36.1410103-8.4.0Rel-8LTE operating band unwanted emissions correction (Technically endorsed at RAN 4 52bis in R4-093802)R4-094168agreedRP-091266approved8.5.0
36.1410101-8.4.0Rel-8Incorrect FRC A3-2 Coded block size (Technically endorsed at RAN 4 52bis in R4-093771)R4-094164agreedRP-091267approved8.5.0
36.1410099-8.4.0Rel-8Adding missing EARFCN for band 33 and 34 (Technically endorsed at RAN 4 52bis in R4-093770)R4-094162agreedRP-091267approved8.5.0
36.1410097-8.4.0Rel-8Clarification of the test method for blocking (Technically endorsed at RAN 4 52bis in R4-093769)R4-094160agreedRP-091267approved8.5.0
36.1410096-8.4.0Rel-8Corrections to ICS requirement (Technically endorsed at RAN 4 52bis in R4-093640)R4-094125agreedRP-091265approved8.5.0