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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
44.060087917.6.0Rel-7Decoupling support of mTBF and RLC non-persistent modeGP-062406agreedGP-062406approved7.7.0
44.060087627.6.0Rel-7Introduction of Downlink Dual Carrier - Assignment MessagesGP-062480agreedGP-062480approved7.7.0
44.060087417.6.0Rel-7Correction to the inclusion of the NPM Transfer Time IE in the MBMS Channel Parameters IEGP-062370agreedGP-062370approved7.7.0
44.060087127.6.0Rel-7Correction on action at expiry of transmitter NPM timerGP-062469agreedGP-062469approved7.7.0
44.060086947.6.0Rel-7Random access failure at the expiry of T3170 in case of packet measurement reportGP-062457agreedGP-062457approved7.7.0
44.060086617.6.0Rel-7Clarification of DA, EDA and shifted USF operationGP-062152agreedGP-062152approved7.7.0
44.060086527.6.0Rel-7Correction of PS Handover to UTRAN procedure and messageGP-062167agreedGP-062167approved7.7.0
44.060086327.6.0Rel-7Correction of DTM Handover Command for inter-RAT handoverGP-062169agreedGP-062169approved7.7.0
44.0600861-7.6.0Rel-7Clarification of the procedure at the expiry of T3186/T3170 on MPRACHGP-062139agreedGP-062139approved7.7.0
44.060086017.6.0Rel-7Introduction of the MBMS Session Update procedureGP-062155agreedGP-062155approved7.7.0
44.060085827.6.0Rel-7HCS in PSI3GP-062405agreedGP-062405approved7.7.0