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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
34.123-32647-8.1.0Rel-8Add new verified and e-mail agreed TTCN test cases in the TC lists in 34.123-3 (prose), Annex A- RP-090435approved8.2.0
34.123-32646-8.1.0Rel-8Corrections to GCF WI-024 Network Sharing Test Cases,,,
34.123-32645-8.1.0Rel-8Corrections to handle v7b0NonCriticalExtensions in RRC Connection Req message (Rel-7).R5s090061agreedRP-090436approved8.2.0
34.123-32644-8.1.0Rel-8Correction to RRC test case
34.123-32643-8.1.0Rel-8Correction to GCF WI 25 HSU test case
34.123-32642-8.1.0Rel-8Correction to RAB test case variables, “tcv_Background” and “tcv_Streaming”R5s090051agreedRP-090436approved8.2.0
34.123-32641-8.1.0Rel-8Correction to the Network Sharing test casesR5s090047agreedRP-090436approved8.2.0
34.123-32640-8.1.0Rel-8TTCN correction to the test cases ( Support of A5/3 algorithm) for Rel-99 UER5s090054agreedRP-090436approved8.2.0
34.123-32639-8.1.0Rel-8Corrections to GCF WI-070 CPC Test Cases
34.123-32638-8.1.0Rel-8Correction to HSU Network Sharing test cases and some generic changesR5s090052agreedRP-090436approved8.2.0
34.123-32637-8.1.0Rel-8Baseline upgrade to March-09 Rel-8R5s090045agreedRP-090436approved8.2.0
34.123-32636-8.1.0Rel-8TTCN Correction in test case 12.9.7bR5s090053agreedRP-090436approved8.2.0
34.123-32635-8.1.0Rel-8Addition of GCF WI-070 CPC RRC testcase to HS_ENH_r7 ATS v8.1.0R5s090056agreedRP-090436approved8.2.0
34.123-32634-8.1.0Rel-8TTCN Correction to RLC test cases (,, , ) for Rel-7 and later UEs.R5s090055agreedRP-090436approved8.2.0
34.123-32633-8.1.0Rel-8TTCN Correction to constraint c_DynamicAllocationPRR used to send PACKET UPLINK ASSIGNMENT, in test step ts_LLC_XID.R5s090046agreedRP-090436approved8.2.0
34.123-32632-8.1.0Rel-8Addition of GCF WI-068 MAC test case 7.1.5a.5.2 to HSPA7_ENH ATSR5s090043agreedRP-090436approved8.2.0
34.123-32631-8.1.0Rel-8Addition of GCF WI-070 CPC RRC testcase to HS_ENH_r7 ATS v8.0.0R5s090039agreedRP-090436approved8.2.0
34.123-32630-8.1.0Rel-8TTCN Correction to testcase
34.123-32629-8.1.0Rel-8Correction to Rel-7 CPC testcase
34.123-32628-8.1.0Rel-8Correction to the Network Sharing test casesR5s090038agreedRP-090436approved8.2.0
34.123-32627-8.1.0Rel-8TTCN Correction in TCs,
34.123-32626-8.1.0Rel-8Correction of GCF WI-068 Improved L2 Flexible RLC UM test case
34.123-32625-8.1.0Rel-8Corrections to MAC_eHS_PDU & ReorderingPDU definitionsR5s090030agreedRP-090436approved8.2.0
34.123-32624-8.1.0Rel-8Corrections to GCF WI-024 Network Sharing Test Cases and
34.123-32623-8.1.0Rel-8Correction to RRC test cases and
34.123-32622-8.1.0Rel-8Correction to GCF WI-010 Test Case 14.2.57R5s090032agreedRP-090436approved8.2.0
34.123-32621-8.1.0Rel-8Addition of GCF WI-070 CPC RRC testcase to HS_ENH_r7 ATS v8.0.0R5s090035agreedRP-090436approved8.2.0
34.123-32620-8.1.0Rel-8Corrections to GCF WI-010 RLC Test Case
34.123-32619-8.1.0Rel-8Correction to HSD MAC test case
34.123-32618-8.1.0Rel-8Corrections to GCF WI-070 CPC Test Cases
34.123-32617-8.1.0Rel-8Correction to RRC test cases and
34.123-32616-8.1.0Rel-8Correction to HSUPA test case
34.123-32615-8.1.0Rel-8Summary of regression errors in wk16 ATSR5s090073agreedRP-090436approved8.2.0
34.123-32614-8.1.0Rel-8TTCN Correction to test steps in UE capability testcases which use the constraints cr_UE_CapabilityInfoAM_BandList2_r6 and cr_RRC_RrcConnSetupCmplRadioCap_BandList2_r6.R5s090065agreedRP-090436approved8.2.0
34.123-32613-8.1.0Rel-8Corrections to GCF WI-025 HSUPA TC
34.123-32612-8.1.0Rel-8Correction to HSDPA RAB testcases (CAT 1 to 5 & 11)R5s090064agreedRP-090436approved8.2.0
34.123-32611-8.1.0Rel-8Addition of GCF WI 70 CPC RRC test case
34.123-32610-8.1.0Rel-8TTCN correction to the test cases
34.123-32609-8.1.0Rel-8UTRA ASP enhancement for Rel-8R5-092565agreedRP-090434approved8.2.0