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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.4012246210.5.0Rel-10Handover to CSG cell with emergency bearer Details S2-115410 agreedSP-110732approved10.6.0
23.4012212110.5.0Rel-10Emergency attach when MM back-off timer is running Details S2-115426 agreedSP-110736approved10.6.0
23.4012205210.5.0Rel-10Back-off timer handling in connected mode mobility Details S2-115359 agreedSP-110736approved10.6.0
23.4012204210.5.0Rel-10Correction to UE warning message indication with regards to 'digital signature' and 'timestamp' Details S2-114686 agreedSP-110764approved10.6.0
23.4012197310.5.0Rel-10QoS mapping Details S2-115376 agreedSP-110729approved10.6.0
23.4012191110.5.0Rel-10APN based Session Management congestion control clarification Details S2-114502 agreedSP-110736approved10.6.0
23.4012190110.5.0Rel-10UE initiates detach procedure when MM backoff timer is running Details S2-114494 agreedSP-110736approved10.6.0
23.4012181110.5.0Rel-10Restriction on inter-PLMN handover to a CSG cell Details S2-114455 agreedSP-110732approved10.6.0
23.4012177110.5.0Rel-10Throttling of Downlink Data Notification Request when ISR is activated Details S2-114500 agreedSP-110736approved10.6.0
23.4012170210.5.0Rel-10Relationship between LIPA permissions and SIPTO permissions Details S2-115305 agreedSP-110734approved10.6.0