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See details 48.0080055-F5.5.0Rel-5Multirate Configuration IE, Correction of Reference Details GP-021746 agreedGERAN-#10Siemens Details GP-021746 approvedGERAN-#10G25.6.0TEI 2G
See details 48.00800531A5.5.0Rel-5Clarification of the RNC-ID coding in Cell Identifier and Cell Identifier List IEs Details GP-021903 agreedGERAN-#10Nokia Details GP-021903 approvedGERAN-#10G25.6.02G3Ginterworking 2G
See details 48.00800511A5.5.0Rel-5Clarification of the Cell Identifier (Serving) IE in HANDOVER REQUEST message in UMTS to GSM handover Details GP-021900 agreedGERAN-#10Nokia Details GP-021900 approvedGERAN-#10G25.6.02G3Ghandover 2G
See details 48.0080049-A5.5.0Rel-5Length of Location Estimate IE in PERFORM LOCATION RESPONSE message Details GP-021451 agreedGERAN-#10Nokia Details GP-021451 approvedGERAN-#10G25.6.0LCS 2G
See details 48.00800454C5.5.0Rel-5Alignment of number of codecs for WB-AMR to proposed set Details G2-020604 agreedGERAN2-#9Ericsson Details GP-021722 approvedGERAN-#10G25.6.0AMRWB 2G
See details 48.00800426B5.5.0Rel-5Exchange of cell traffic load information using the handover procedure Details GP-022117 agreedGERAN-#10Vodafone Details GP-022117 approvedGERAN-#10G25.6.0TEI 2G