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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
34.1220250-5.6.0Rel-7Addition of E-DCH reference measurement channels for E-DCH tests to Annex C of 34.122R5-070191agreedRP-070093approved7.0.0
34.1220249-5.6.0Rel-7Addition of measurement parameters for MBMS tests to Annex C of 34.122R5-070192agreedRP-070092approved7.0.0
34.1220248-5.6.0Rel-7Addition of 7.68Mcps messages to Annex I of 34.122R5-070190agreedRP-070091approved7.0.0
34.1220247-5.6.0Rel-7Addition of 7.68Mcps to Annex H of 34.122R5-070545agreedRP-070091approved7.0.0
34.1220246-5.6.0Rel-7Addition of 7.68Mcps cases to Annex F of 34.122R5-070544agreedRP-070091approved7.0.0
34.1220245-5.6.0Rel-7Addition of 7.68Mcps propagation conditions to Annex D of 34.122R5-070543agreedRP-070091approved7.0.0
34.1220244-5.6.0Rel-7Addition of 7.68Mcps reference measurement channels to Annex C of 34.122R5-070542agreedRP-070091approved7.0.0
34.1220243-5.6.0Rel-7Addition of 7.68Mcps tests to Performance requirements for HSDPA (section 9 of 34.122)R5-070541agreedRP-070091approved7.0.0
34.1220242-5.6.0Rel-7Addition of 7.68Mcps tests to timing charcteristics for support of RRM (section 8.5 of 34.122)R5-070184agreedRP-070091approved7.0.0
34.1220241-5.6.0Rel-7Addition of 7.68Mcps tests to measurements performance requirements (section 8.7 of 34.122)R5-070183agreedRP-070091approved7.0.0
34.1220240-5.6.0Rel-7Addition of 7.68Mcps tests to UE measurement procedures (section 8.6 of 34.122)R5-070182agreedRP-070091approved7.0.0
34.1220239-5.6.0Rel-7Addition of 7.68Mcps tests to idle mode requirements for support of RRM (section 8.2 of 34.122)R5-070181agreedRP-070091approved7.0.0
34.1220238-5.6.0Rel-7Addition of 7.68Mcps tests to RRC connection control for support of RRM (section 8.4 of 34.122)R5-070180agreedRP-070091approved7.0.0
34.1220237-5.6.0Rel-7Addition of 7.68Mcps tests to connected mode mobility requirements for support of RRM (section 8.3 of 34.122)R5-070540agreedRP-070091approved7.0.0
34.1220236-5.6.0Rel-7Addition of 7.68Mcps tests to performance requirements (section 7 of 34.122)R5-070178agreedRP-070091approved7.0.0
34.1220235-5.6.0Rel-7Addition of 7.68Mcps tests to receiver characteristics (section 6 of 34.122)R5-070539agreedRP-070091approved7.0.0
34.1220234-5.6.0Rel-7Addition of 7.68Mcps tests to transmitter characteristics (section 5 of 34.122)R5-070538agreedRP-070091approved7.0.0
34.1220233-5.6.0Rel-7Addition of 7.68Mcps to Frequency bands and channel arrangement (section 4 of 34.122)R5-070175agreedRP-070091approved7.0.0