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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
04.64A11218.0.0R1999Failure of Layer-3 XID negotiation in ADM mode Details N1-99A50 agreedNP-99268approved8.1.0
04.64A111-8.0.0R1999Assignment of multiple TLLI values Details N1-99A49 agreedNP-99268approved8.1.0
04.64A10618.0.0R1999Clarification on the TLLI assign, change and un-assign procedure Details N1-99A97 agreedNP-99268approved8.1.0
04.64A10318.0.0R1999Clarification on the behaviour of an unused SAP Details N1-99A44 agreedNP-99268approved8.1.0
04.64A100-8.0.0R1999Lost XID response Details N1-99966 agreedNP-99268approved8.1.0
04.64A097-8.0.0R1999Max value for N201 Details N1-99898 agreedNP-99268approved8.1.0
04.64A095-8.0.0R1999Starting T201 after peer receiver busy condition is cleared Details N1-99859 agreedNP-99268approved8.1.0
04.64A093-8.0.0R1999Duplicate XID parameter Details N1-99855 agreedNP-99268approved8.1.0
04.64A090-8.0.0R1999N202 alignement with new SNDCP header Details N1-99852 agreedNP-99268approved8.1.0
04.64A088-8.0.0R1999reset cancels outstanding requests Details N1-99850 agreedNP-99268approved8.1.0
04.64A086-8.0.0R1999Unsolicited leyer 3 XID parameters Details N1-99822 agreedNP-99268approved8.1.0
04.64A085-8.0.0R1999MS behavior while suspended Details N1-99821 agreedNP-99268approved8.1.0
04.64A083-8.0.0R1999Editorials on SAPs Details N1-99783 agreedNP-99268approved8.1.0