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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
24.2370375210.0.0Rel-10Correction of the SCC AS association procedureC1-105080agreedCP-100737approved10.1.0
24.2370372310.0.0Rel-10SCC AS procedure for PS to CS Access Transfer: SRVCC enhancements using ATCFC1-105094agreedCP-100843approved10.1.0
24.2370369210.0.0Rel-10SC UE procedures for SRVCC in Alerting Phase- CP-100863approved10.1.0
24.2370368210.0.0Rel-10UE and SCC AS procedures for abnormal cases of SRVCC when in Alerting Phase- CP-100863approved10.1.0
24.2370367210.0.0Rel-10Further flow for SRVCC in alerting state race condition when answering in PS- CP-100863approved10.1.0
24.2370365310.0.0Rel-10Definition of INFO package for SRVCC alerting- CP-100863approved10.1.0
24.2370364310.0.0Rel-10MSC server procedure for SRVCC in alerting- CP-100863approved10.1.0
24.2370362210.0.0Rel-10SCC AS procedures for SRVCC alerting state- CP-100863approved10.1.0
24.2370361510.0.0Rel-10PS-PS access transfer in early dialog stateC1-105056 CP-100864approved10.1.0
24.2370360310.0.0Rel-10Flows for SRVCC in alerting state - Race condition when answering in PS- CP-100863approved10.1.0
24.2370359-10.0.0Rel-10Correction in SRVCC Emergency Flows.C1-103977 CP-100864approved10.1.0
24.2370356110.0.0Rel-10SRVCC clarifications for SDP offer by the MSC.C1-104173agreedCP-100746approved10.1.0
24.2370354110.0.0Rel-10SRVCC enhancements - scope, definition, complianceC1-104112agreedCP-100843approved10.1.0
24.2370353310.0.0Rel-10SRVCC enhancements - ATCF registration proceduresC1-104902agreedCP-100843approved10.1.0
24.2370352310.0.0Rel-10SRVCC enhancements - ATCF invocationC1-104363agreedCP-100843approved10.1.0
24.2370351310.0.0Rel-10SRVCC enhancements - originating session set up flowC1-104401agreedCP-100843approved10.1.0
24.2370350410.0.0Rel-10SRVCC enhancements - registration flowC1-104901agreedCP-100843approved10.1.0
24.2370345110.0.0Rel-10ICS UE prevented from Gm control adding when ICS is disabledC1-104322agreedCP-100737approved10.1.0
24.2370342210.0.0Rel-10Corrections of SC UE registarationC1-104364 CP-100864approved10.1.0
24.2370339510.0.0Rel-10Signalling flows for PS-CS access transfer when using ATCF enhancements and media anchoredC1-104900agreedCP-100843approved10.1.0
24.2370338310.0.0Rel-10Signalling flows for PS-CS access transfer when using ATCF enhancements and without media anchoredC1-104402agreedCP-100843approved10.1.0
24.2370335110.0.0Rel-10Editor’s note deleting for remote UE releases media on the controller UEC1-104168agreedCP-100746approved10.1.0
24.2370325510.0.0Rel-10Call flow for transfering an incoming waiting call in alerting phase- CP-100863approved10.1.0
24.2370311910.0.0Rel-10Mid-call scenairos for incoming and outgoing call in alerting state- CP-100863approved10.1.0
24.2370305610.0.0Rel-10Flow for SRVCC in alerting state - originating case- CP-100863approved10.1.0
24.2370304610.0.0Rel-10Flow for SRVCC in alerting state - terminating case- CP-100863approved10.1.0