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See details 51.010-11068-F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1068 Correction of Test Procedure and Test Requirements for clause 20.22.2 - Cell Selection in Packet Idle Mode Details GP-022560 agreedGERAN-#11Nokia Details GP-022560 approvedGERAN-#11Nokia4.10.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11066-F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1 Section 40 GPRS default conditions, message contents and macros Details GP-022529 agreedGERAN-#11Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-022529 approvedGERAN-#11Rohde & Sc4.10.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11065-F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1065 Section 14.1.5/6/7 Deletetion of References to SID/ DTX in AMR Bad Frame Indication Details GP-022514 agreedGERAN-#11Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-022514 approvedGERAN-#11Rohde & Schwarz4.10.0
See details 51.010-110631F4.9.0Rel-4Corrections to Clause 60 Inter-system hard handover from GSM to UTRAN Details GP-022623 agreedGERAN-#11Motorola Details GP-022623 approvedGERAN-#11Motorola4.10.02G3Ghandover
See details 51.010-110621F4.9.0Rel-4EOTD MOLR Details GP-022686 agreedGERAN-#11Motorola Details GP-022686 approvedGERAN-#11Motorola4.10.0LCS
See details 51.010-11061-F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1061 Revision of references and conformance for E-OTD MT-LR test case Details GP-022470 agreedGERAN-#11Ericsson Inc. Details GP-022470 approvedGERAN-#11Ericsson I4.10.0LCS
See details 51.010-11056-F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1056 TC Addition of optional steps to cater to MS reaction time. Details GP-022441 agreedGERAN-#11Setcom Details GP-022441 approvedGERAN-#11Setcom4.10.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11055-F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1055 TC Addition of optional steps to cater to MS reaction time. Details GP-022440 agreedGERAN-#11Setcom Details GP-022440 approvedGERAN-#11Setcom4.10.0EDGE
See details 51.010-110541F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1054 r1 TC Change to number of octets used in testcase. Details GP-022614 agreedGERAN-#11setcom Details GP-022614 approvedGERAN-#11Setcom4.10.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11052-F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1052 TC Change to number of octets used in testcase. Details GP-022437 agreedGERAN-#11Setcom Details GP-022437 approvedGERAN-#11Setcom4.10.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11051-F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1051 TC Addition of optional steps to cater to different MS behaviour. Details GP-022436 agreedGERAN-#11setcom Details GP-022436 approvedGERAN-#11Setcom4.10.0EDGE
See details 51.010-110491F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1049 r1 TC Changes to Coding Scheme used, BSN sequence and addition of optional steps. Details GP-022737 agreedGERAN-#11Setcom Details GP-022737 approvedGERAN-#11Setcom4.10.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11047-F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1047 Sec 53.1.2 Correction to Window Size used in the DL TBF Establishment Macro. Details GP-022432 agreedGERAN-#11setcom Details GP-022432 approvedGERAN-#11Setcom4.10.0EDGE
See details 51.010-110461F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1046 r1 Removal of TBF establishment via DCCH in section 42.4.2 and 42.4.3 Details GP-022601 agreedGERAN-#11Siemens AG Details GP-022601 approvedGERAN-#11Siemens4.10.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11045-F4.9.0Rel-4Corrections to NI-LR and MT-LR Assisted GPS test cases Details GP-022423 agreedGERAN-#11Qualcomm, Inc. Details GP-022423 approvedGERAN-#11Qualcomm,4.10.0LCS
See details 51.010-110441F4.9.0Rel-4Basic Self Location Test case for Assisted GPS Details GP-022685 agreedGERAN-#11Qualcomm, Inc. Details GP-022685 approvedGERAN-#11Qualcomm,4.10.0LCS
See details 51.010-110431F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1; Correction to section – Combined routing area updating / abnormal cases / attempt counter check / procedure timeout Details GP-022690 agreedGERAN-#11Setcom Details GP-022690 approvedGERAN-#11Setcom4.10.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11041-F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1041 PCA does not contain Channel Request Description IE Details GP-022414 agreedGERAN-#11Setcom Details GP-022414 approvedGERAN-#11Setcom4.10.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11040-F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1040 - TBF starting time in IMMEDIATE_ASSIGNMENT Details GP-022413 agreedGERAN-#11Setcom Details GP-022413 approvedGERAN-#11Setcom4.10.0GPRS
See details 51.010-110391F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1039 r1 - optional retransmission of BSN=0 after step 15 due to allowed reaction time of MS Details GP-022613 agreedGERAN-#11Setcom Details GP-022613 approvedGERAN-#11Setcom4.10.0GPRS
See details 51.010-110382F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1038 r2 wrong PSI Count High Rate and PSI1 repeat period were used Details GP-022615 agreedGERAN-#11Setcom Details GP-022615 approvedGERAN-#11Setcom4.10.0GPRS
See details 51.010-110361F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1036 r1 TC Fixed Allocation / Uplink Transfer / MS requests new resources/ T3168/Stop with Packet Access Reject Details GP-022603 agreedGERAN-#11 Details GP-022603 approvedGERAN-#11Mitsubishi4.10.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11027-F4.9.0Rel-4Correction of Step 36 of the Expected Sequence for clause - Combined routing area updating / RA only accepted Details GP-022344 agreedGERAN-#11Nokia Details GP-022344 approvedGERAN-#11Nokia4.10.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11026-F4.9.0Rel-4Correction of Test Purpose, Test Procedure and Expected Sequence for clause - MM connection / abortion by the network / cause not equal to #6 Details GP-022343 agreedGERAN-#11Nokia Details GP-022343 approvedGERAN-#11Nokia4.10.0TEI
See details 51.010-11024-F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1024 Correction of Test Purpose and Expected Sequence for clause - Cell change order procedure / Downlink transfer / Normal case - Rel-4 Details GP-022340 agreedGERAN-#11Nokia Details GP-022340 approvedGERAN-#11Nokia4.10.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11023-F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1023 Clarification of of the NC used in the PACKET CELL CHANGE ORDER in the Expected Sequence for clause - Cell change order procedure / Uplink transfer / Normal case - Rel-4 Details GP-022339 agreedGERAN-#11Nokia Details GP-022339 approvedGERAN-#11Nokia4.10.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11022-F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1022 Removal of clause - Dynamic Allocation / Uplink Transfer / Abnormal / with random access. - Rel-4 Details GP-022338 agreedGERAN-#11Nokia Details GP-022338 approvedGERAN-#11Nokia4.10.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11021-F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1021 Removal of clause - Dynamic Allocation / Uplink Transfer / Normal / Frequency parameters. - Rel-4 Details GP-022337 agreedGERAN-#11Nokia Details GP-022337 approvedGERAN-#11Nokia4.10.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11020-F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1020 Removal of clause - Packet Downlink Assignment / Frequency hopping. - Rel-4 Details GP-022336 agreedGERAN-#11Nokia Details GP-022336 approvedGERAN-#11Nokia4.10.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11019-F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1019 Correction of PRE_EMPTIVE TRANSMISSION IE for clause 52.3.4 - Default message contents. - Rel-4 Details GP-022335 agreedGERAN-#11Nokia Details GP-022335 approvedGERAN-#11Nokia4.10.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11018-F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1018 Clarification of the MS multislot class to be used for clause - Dynamic Allocation / Uplink Transfer / Normal / Two uplink timeslots - Rel-4 Details GP-022334 agreedGERAN-#11Nokia Details GP-022334 approvedGERAN-#11Nokia4.10.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11017-F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1017 Clarification of the MS multislot class to be used for clause - Packet Downlink Assignment / Abnormal cases / Incorrect PDCH assignment - Rel-4 Details GP-022333 agreedGERAN-#11Nokia Details GP-022333 approvedGERAN-#11Nokia4.10.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11016-F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1016 Correction of Initial Conditions for clause - EGPRS Packet Channel Request / Access type - Rel-4 Details GP-022332 agreedGERAN-#11Nokia Details GP-022332 approvedGERAN-#11Nokia4.10.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11015-F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1015 Removal of clause - PDCH Release / Without TIMESLOTS_AVAILABLE. - Rel-4 Details GP-022331 agreedGERAN-#11Nokia Details GP-022331 approvedGERAN-#11Nokia4.10.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11014-F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1014 Removal of clause - Single block packet access / Packet Measurement Report. - Rel-4 Details GP-022330 agreedGERAN-#11Nokia Details GP-022330 approvedGERAN-#11Nokia4.10.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11013-F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1013 Uplink data transfer is triggered instead of GPRS Attach for clause - Two-message assignment / Successful case - Rel-4 Details GP-022329 agreedGERAN-#11Nokia Details GP-022329 approvedGERAN-#11Nokia4.10.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11012-F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1012 Uplink data transfer is triggered instead of GPRS Attach for clause - Initiation of the packet access procedure / Request Reference - Rel-4 Details GP-022328 agreedGERAN-#11Nokia Details GP-022328 approvedGERAN-#11Nokia4.10.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11010-F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1010 Correction of Test Purpose and Expected Sequence for clause - Cell change order procedure / Downlink transfer / Normal case - Rel-4 Details GP-022326 agreedGERAN-#11Nokia Details GP-022326 approvedGERAN-#11Nokia4.10.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11009-F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1009 Clarification of of the NC used in the PACKET CELL CHANGE ORDER in the Expected Sequence for clause - Cell change order procedure / Uplink transfer / Normal case - Rel-4 Details GP-022325 agreedGERAN-#11Nokia Details GP-022325 approvedGERAN-#11Nokia4.10.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11008-F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1008 Correction of misspelling for clause 20.22.5 - Network controlled Cell re-selection in Transfer Mode - Rel-4 Details GP-022324 agreedGERAN-#11Nokia Details GP-022324 approvedGERAN-#11Nokia4.10.0GPRS
See details 51.010-110071F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1007 r1 Dynamic allocation in multi-slot configuration Details GP-022732 agreedGERAN-#11Vodafone Group Details GP-022732 approvedGERAN-#11Vodafone4.10.0DTM
See details 51.010-110061F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1006 r1 Exclusive allocation in multi-slot configuration Details GP-022731 agreedGERAN-#11Vodafone Group Details GP-022731 approvedGERAN-#11Vodafone4.10.0DTM
See details 51.010-110051F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1005 r1 Exclusive allocation in single-slot configuration Details GP-022730 agreedGERAN-#11Vodafone Group Details GP-022730 approvedGERAN-#11Vodafone4.10.0DTM
See details 51.010-110041F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1004 r1 MO CS establishment whilst in packet transfer mode and DTM is not supported in current cell Details GP-022729 agreedGERAN-#11Vodafone Group Details GP-022729 approvedGERAN-#11Vodafone4.10.0DTM
See details 51.010-110031F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1003 r1 MO CS establishment whilst in packet transfer mode with uplink and downlink TBFs established Details GP-022728 agreedGERAN-#11Vodafone Group Details GP-022728 approvedGERAN-#11Vodafone4.10.0DTM
See details 51.010-110021F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1002 r1 MT CS establishment whilst in packet transfer mode with a uplink TBF established Details GP-022727 agreedGERAN-#11Vodafone Group Details GP-022727 approvedGERAN-#11Vodafone4.10.0DTM
See details 51.010-110011F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1001r1 MT CS establishment whilst in packet transfer mode with a downlink TBF established Details GP-022726 agreedGERAN-#11Vodafone Group Details GP-022726 approvedGERAN-#11Vodafone4.10.0DTM
See details 51.010-110001F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-1000 r1 Whilst in Standby State / Downlink TBF establishment Details GP-022725 agreedGERAN-#11Vodafone Group Details GP-022725 approvedGERAN-#11Vodafone4.10.0DTM
See details 51.010-109991F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-999 r1 Downlink TBF establishment in Ready State / Abnormal cases / No cell allocation available Details GP-022724 agreedGERAN-#11Vodafone Group Details GP-022724 approvedGERAN-#11Vodafone4.10.0DTM
See details 51.010-109981F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-998 r1 Downlink TBF establishment in Ready State / Successful case Details GP-022723 agreedGERAN-#11Vodafone Group Details GP-022723 approvedGERAN-#11Vodafone4.10.0DTM
See details 51.010-109971F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-997 r1 Uplink TBF establishment required whilst DTM is not supported in cell Details GP-022722 agreedGERAN-#11Vodafone Group Details GP-022722 approvedGERAN-#11Vodafone4.10.0DTM
See details 51.010-109961F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-996 r1 Uplink TBF establishment with reallocation of CS resources / Abnormal case / Multislot class violation / DTM multislot class 9 Details GP-022721 agreedGERAN-#11 Details GP-022721 approvedGERAN-#11Vodafone4.10.0DTM
See details 51.010-109951F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-995 r1 Uplink TBF establishment with reallocation of CS resources / Abnormal case / Multislot class violation / DTM multislot class 5 Details GP-022720 agreedGERAN-#11 Details GP-022720 approvedGERAN-#11Vodafone4.10.0DTM
See details 51.010-109941F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-994 r1 Uplink TBF establishment with reallocation of CS resources / Abnormal case / Multislot class violation / DTM multislot class 1 Details GP-022715 agreedGERAN-#11 Details GP-022715 approvedGERAN-#11Vodafone4.10.0DTM
See details 51.010-109931F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-993 r1 Uplink TBF establishment with reallocation of CS resources / Abnormal case / Assignment Failure Details GP-022714 agreedGERAN-#11 Details GP-022714 approvedGERAN-#11Vodafone4.10.0DTM
See details 51.010-109921F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-992 r1 Uplink TBF establishment with reallocation of CS resources / Successful case Details GP-022713 agreedGERAN-#11 Details GP-022713 approvedGERAN-#11Vodafone4.10.0DTM
See details 51.010-109911F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-991 r1 Uplink TBF establishment with no reallocation of CS resources / Abnormal cases / Channel Release Details GP-022712 agreedGERAN-#11 Details GP-022712 approvedGERAN-#11Vodafone4.10.0DTM
See details 51.010-109901F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-990 r1 Uplink TBF establishment with no reallocation of CS resources / Abnormal cases / Handover Command Details GP-022711 agreedGERAN-#11 Details GP-022711 approvedGERAN-#11Vodafone4.10.0DTM
See details 51.010-109891F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-989 r1 Uplink TBF establishment with no reallocation of CS resources / Abnormal cases / Assignment Command Details GP-022710 agreedGERAN-#11 Details GP-022710 approvedGERAN-#11Vodafone4.10.0DTM
See details 51.010-109851F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-985 r1 Uplink TBF establishment with no reallocation of CS resources / Abnormal cases / DTM reject Details GP-022706 agreedGERAN-#11 Details GP-022706 approvedGERAN-#11Vodafone4.10.0DTM
See details 51.010-109841F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-984 r1 Uplink TBF establishment with no reallocation of CS resources / Successful case / Downlink resources assigned Details GP-022620 agreedGERAN-#11 Details GP-022620 approvedGERAN-#11Vodafone4.10.0DTM
See details 51.010-109831F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-983 r1 Uplink TBF establishment with no reallocation of CS resources / Successful case / Uplink resources assigned Details GP-022619 agreedGERAN-#11 Details GP-022619 approvedGERAN-#11Vodafone4.10.0DTM
See details 51.010-109821F4.9.0Rel-4Handover to different routeing area whilst in DTM / Performed on TBFs / CS release before RAU complete Details GP-022683 agreedGERAN-#11Vodafone Group Details GP-022683 approvedGERAN-#11Vodafone G4.10.0DTM
See details 51.010-109811F4.9.0Rel-4Handover to different routeing area whilst in DTM / Performed on TBFs / RAU complete before CS release Details GP-022682 agreedGERAN-#11Vodafone Group Details GP-022682 approvedGERAN-#11Vodafone G4.10.0DTM
See details 51.010-109803F4.9.0Rel-4Handover to same routeing area whilst in DTM with both DL & UL TBFs / Abnormal case / Handover Failure Details GP-022700 agreedGERAN-#11Vodafone Group Details GP-022700 approvedGERAN-#11Vodafone G4.10.0DTM
See details 51.010-109792F4.9.0Rel-4Handover to same routeing area whilst in DTM with both DL & UL TBFs / Successful case Details GP-022698 agreedGERAN-#11Vodafone Group Details GP-022698 approvedGERAN-#11Vodafone G4.10.0DTM
See details 51.010-109781F4.9.0Rel-4Handover to same routeing area whilst in DTM with a downlink TBF Established Details GP-022639 agreedGERAN-#11Vodafone Group Details GP-022639 approvedGERAN-#11Vodafone G4.10.0DTM
See details 51.010-10977-F4.9.0Rel-4Handover to same routeing area whilst in dedicated mode & MM Ready / Completed on the main DCCH Details GP-022287 agreedGERAN-#11Vodafone Group Details GP-022287 approvedGERAN-#11Vodafone G4.10.0DTM
See details 51.010-109762F4.9.0Rel-4Intra frequency reallocation of CS resources / Handover Command Details GP-022638 agreedGERAN-#11 Details GP-022638 approvedGERAN-#11Vodafone G4.10.0DTM
See details 51.010-109751F4.9.0Rel-4Reallocation of CS resources / Assignment Command Details GP-022637 agreedGERAN-#11 Details GP-022637 approvedGERAN-#11Vodafone G4.10.0DTM
See details 51.010-109741F4.9.0Rel-4Addition of new default messages, for DTM, to section 40. Details GP-022684 agreedGERAN-#11Vodafone Group Details GP-022684 approvedGERAN-#11Vodafone G4.10.0DTM
See details 51.010-10971-F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1 Section Multiband signalling / RR / Handover / successful / active call / non-synchronized Details GP-022268 agreedGERAN-#11Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-022268 approvedGERAN-#11Rohde & Sc4.10.0TEI
See details 51.010-109702F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1 Section Multiband signalling / RR / Immediate assignment procedure Details GP-022628 agreedGERAN-#11Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-022628 approvedGERAN-#11Rohde & Sc4.10.0TEI
See details 51.010-10969-F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1 Section Handover / successful / active call / non-synchronized Details GP-022266 agreedGERAN-#11Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-022266 approvedGERAN-#11Rohde & Sc4.10.0TEI
See details 51.010-109681F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-968 r1 Section 20.22.4 Cell re-selection with cells in different routing Area Details GP-022618 agreedGERAN-#11Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-022618 approvedGERAN-#11Rohde & Schwarz4.10.0GPRS
See details 51.010-109671F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-967 r1 Section 20.22.3 Priority of Cells Details GP-022617 agreedGERAN-#11Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-022617 approvedGERAN-#11Rohde & Schwarz4.10.0GPRS
See details 51.010-109661F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-966 r1 Section 20.22 GPRS Cell Selection and Reselection Details GP-022616 agreedGERAN-#11Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-022616 approvedGERAN-#11Rohde & Schwarz4.10.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10965-F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-965 Revision of E-OTD Emergency Call NI-LR test cases Details GP-022204 agreedGERAN-#11Ericsson Inc. Details GP-022204 approvedGERAN-#11Ericsson I4.10.0LCS
See details 51.010-10962-F4.9.0Rel-426.16.5 - Replacing the cell parameter “900 or 1800 or 1900” and “700 or 850 or 1900” with “Frequency Band” Details GP-022191 agreedGERAN-#11Anite Telecom Ltd. Details GP-022191 approvedGERAN-#11Anite Tele4.10.0
See details 51.010-10961-F4.9.0Rel-426.16.5 - Removing the test cases with handover between 900 and 1900 bands Details GP-022190 agreedGERAN-#11Anite Telecom Ltd. Details GP-022190 approvedGERAN-#11Anite Tele4.10.0
See details 51.010-10960-F4.9.0Rel-426.16.5. - Splitting the combined 1800/1900 band test cases into separate 1800 and 1900 band test cases Details GP-022189 agreedGERAN-#11Anite Telecom Ltd. Details GP-022189 approvedGERAN-#11Anite Tele4.10.0
See details 51.010-10958-F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-958 20.22.28 Correction of step numbering and references Details GP-022187 agreedGERAN-#11Anite Telecoms Details GP-022187 approvedGERAN-#11Anite Telecoms4.10.0TEI4
See details 51.010-10957-F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-957 20.22.22 Correction of step references and Ready Timer Details GP-022186 agreedGERAN-#11Anite Telecoms Details GP-022186 approvedGERAN-#11Anite Telecoms4.10.0TEI4
See details 51.010-10956-F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-956 20.22.15 Correction of RF level and step references Details GP-022185 agreedGERAN-#11Anite Telecoms Details GP-022185 approvedGERAN-#11Anite Telecoms4.10.0TEI4
See details 51.010-10955-F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-955 20.22.12 Correction of carrier for emergency call Details GP-022184 agreedGERAN-#11Anite Telecoms Details GP-022184 approvedGERAN-#11Anite Telecoms4.10.0TEI4
See details 51.010-109521F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-952 r1 Deletion of redundant step 5a Details GP-022612 agreedGERAN-#11Anite Telecoms Details GP-022612 approvedGERAN-#11Anite Telecoms4.10.0GPRS
See details 51.010-109511F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-951 r1 Adjusting timer values and message constraints. Details GP-022610 agreedGERAN-#11Anite Telecoms Details GP-022610 approvedGERAN-#11Anite Telecoms4.10.0TEI4
See details 51.010-109501F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-950 r1 Adjusting timer values and message constraints. Details GP-022609 agreedGERAN-#11Anite Telecoms Details GP-022609 approvedGERAN-#11Anite Telecoms4.10.0TEI4
See details 51.010-109411F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-941 r1 Correct the handling of USF for uplink data Details GP-022608 agreedGERAN-#11Anite Telecoms Details GP-022608 approvedGERAN-#11Anite Telecoms4.10.0TEI4
See details 51.010-10940-F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-940 Correct the handling of USF for uplink data Details GP-022169 agreedGERAN-#11Anite Telecoms Details GP-022169 approvedGERAN-#11Anite Telecoms4.10.0TEI4
See details 51.010-10939-F4.9.0Rel-4TC – Modification to allow for a GPRS Suspension Request during the IMSI Detach Procedure. Details GP-022168 agreedGERAN-#11Anite Telecoms Ltd Details GP-022168 approvedGERAN-#11Anite Tele4.10.0TEI4
See details 51.010-10938-F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-938 removal of a section specific macro Details GP-022167 agreedGERAN-#11Anite Telecoms Details GP-022167 approvedGERAN-#11Anite Telecoms4.10.0TEI4
See details 51.010-10937-F4.9.0Rel-440 - Inconsistent use of BSIC in PSI3 Details GP-022166 agreedGERAN-#11Anite Telecoms Details GP-022166 approvedGERAN-#11Anite Tele4.10.0TEI4
See details 51.010-10936-F4.9.0Rel-440 - Current Cell ARFCN missing from BA list in SI2 Details GP-022165 agreedGERAN-#11Anite Telecoms Details GP-022165 approvedGERAN-#11Anite Tele4.10.0TEI4
See details 51.010-10932-F4.9.0Rel-444. – Attach after Location Update Details GP-022161 agreedGERAN-#11Anite Telecoms Details GP-022161 approvedGERAN-#11Anite Tele4.10.0TEI4
See details 51.010-109311F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-931 r1 Replace macro deleted from defaults, remove fixed allocation Details GP-022607 agreedGERAN-#11Anite Telecoms Details GP-022607 approvedGERAN-#11Anite Telecoms4.10.0GPRS
See details 51.010-109301F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-930 r1 Replace macro deleted from defaults, remove fixed allocation Details GP-022606 agreedGERAN-#11Anite Telecoms Details GP-022606 approvedGERAN-#11Anite Telecoms4.10.0GPRS
See details 51.010-109291F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-929 r1 Use of default macro; Insertion of Dummy Control Blocks Details GP-022605 agreedGERAN-#11Anite Telecoms Details GP-022605 approvedGERAN-#11Anite Telecoms4.10.0GPRS
See details 51.010-109281F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-928 r1 Use of default macro; Insertion of Dummy Control Blocks Details GP-022604 agreedGERAN-#11Anite Telecoms Details GP-022604 approvedGERAN-#11Anite Telecoms4.10.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10927-C4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-927 E-OTD Sensitivity Performance Tests Details GP-022148 agreedGERAN-#11Ericsson Inc. Details GP-022148 approvedGERAN-#11Ericsson4.10.0LCS
See details 51.010-109264F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1; S 45.5.1 Error cases; Adaptation to Release 99 Details GP-022746 agreedGERAN-#11Siemens AG Details GP-022746 approvedGERAN-#11Siemens AG4.10.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10925-F4.9.0Rel-4CR.51.010-1-925 Sec. Packet Downlink Assignment / PCCCH monitoring Details GP-022146 agreedGERAN-#11Siemens Details GP-022146 approvedGERAN-#11Siemens4.10.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10924-F4.9.0Rel-4CR.51.010-1-924 Sec. Packet Downlink Assignment / PCCCH monitoring Details GP-022145 agreedGERAN-#11Siemens Details GP-022145 approvedGERAN-#11Siemens4.10.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10923-F4.9.0Rel-426.16.1 Inband Signalling, Downlink Codec Adaptation Details GP-022144 agreedGERAN-#11Siemens / RACAL Details GP-022144 approvedGERAN-#11Siemens /4.10.0
See details 51.010-109221F4.9.0Rel-4AMR RATSCCH inversion of phase of CMR/CMI Details GP-022633 agreedGERAN-#11Cingular Wirele... Details GP-022633 approvedGERAN-#11Cingular W4.10.0
See details 51.010-109211F4.9.0Rel-4AMR RATSCCH expiry of REQ_Activation counter Details GP-022632 agreedGERAN-#11Cingular Wirele... Details GP-022632 approvedGERAN-#11Cingular W4.10.0
See details 51.010-109203F4.9.0Rel-4AMR RATSCCH tests applicability of half rate Details GP-022750 agreedGERAN-#11Cingular Wirele... Details GP-022750 approvedGERAN-#11Cingular W4.10.0
See details 51.010-109191F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1 Section 44 - Corrections to GMM test cases to take into account the different implementations of a “non-auto attaching” MS. Details GP-022688 agreedGERAN-#11Panasonic (Mats... Details GP-022688 approvedGERAN-#11Panasonic4.10.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10918-F4.9.0Rel-4to 51.010-1 REL-4: Inclusion of pointer to maintained specification Details GP-022129 agreedGERAN-#11Vodafone Group Details GP-022129 approvedGERAN-#11Vodafone G4.10.0TEI
See details 51.010-107802F4.9.0Rel-4AMR layer 3 tests, channel mode modify Details GP-022634 agreedGERAN-#11Cingular Wirele... Details GP-022634 approvedGERAN-#11Cingular W4.10.0
See details 51.010-107792F4.9.0Rel-4AMR layer 3 tests, MT early assignment specified ICM Details GP-022629 agreedGERAN-#11Cingular Wirele... Details GP-022629 approvedGERAN-#11Cingular W4.10.0
See details 51.010-107783F4.9.0Rel-4AMR layer 3 tests, handover failure Details GP-022748 agreedGERAN-#11Cingular Wirele... Details GP-022748 approvedGERAN-#11Cingular W4.10.0
See details 51.010-107772F4.9.0Rel-4AMR layer 3 tests, MO late assignment no ICM Details GP-022630 agreedGERAN-#11Cingular Wirele... Details GP-022630 approvedGERAN-#11Cingular W4.10.0
See details 51.010-107752F4.9.0Rel-451.010-1-775 rev 2 AMR layer 1 tests, adjacent channel rejection Details GP-022733 agreedGERAN-#11Cingular Wirele... Details GP-022733 approvedGERAN-#11Cingular / Racal4.10.0