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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
27.0070282210.2.0Rel-10+CESQ, new AT-command on extended signal qualityC1-111493agreedCP-110197approved10.3.0
27.0070281-10.2.0Rel-10Addition of registeration status to CREG,CGREG, CEREG command for emergency attached UEC1-110916agreedCP-110197approved10.3.0
27.0070280110.2.0Rel-10+CAVIMS, availability for voice calls with the IMSC1-111189agreedCP-110186approved10.3.0
27.0070279210.2.0Rel-10Clarification of relationship between CREG, CEREG and CGREG. Introduction of registration for EPS and non-EPS services for ‘SMS only’ in CREG.C1-110990agreedCP-110197approved10.3.0
27.0070278110.2.0Rel-10Correction of USAT event responseC1-110708agreedCP-110188approved10.3.0
27.0070277110.2.0Rel-10Modification of default value for MT profile and write responseC1-110707agreedCP-110188approved10.3.0
27.0070275110.2.0Rel-10Detection of currently active SIM or USIMC1-110727agreedCP-110188approved10.3.0
27.0070274110.2.0Rel-10Correction of USAT profile activationC1-110709agreedCP-110188approved10.3.0
27.0070273110.2.0Rel-10Support of AT commands for voiceC1-110466agreedCP-110197approved10.3.0
27.0070272-10.2.0Rel-10Enhancement and alignment of +CLIP, +CCWA and +CLCC when CLI is not availableC1-110072agreedCP-110197approved10.3.0
27.0070271110.2.0Rel-10Enhancement of +CPOS and +CPOSR for LPP, capability request, velocity request, GLONASS and SBASC1-110818agreedCP-110197approved10.3.0