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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
25.4130074-3.0.0R1999Proposed changes to RANAP ASN.1 descriptions for private messagesR3-000978 RP-000080approved3.1.0
25.4130073-3.0.0R1999Alignment of PDCP Sequence Number Length with RAN 2R3-000959 RP-000080approved3.1.0
25.413007213.0.0R1999to 25.413: Addition of a Cause Value - ‘Repeated Integrity Checking Failure’ for Iu Release RequestR3-000938 RP-000080approved3.1.0
25.413007123.0.0R1999Addition of Call Trace Deactivation functionalityR3-000865 RP-000080approved3.1.0
25.413007023.0.0R1999Target Cell ID at SRNS Relocation with UE involvementR3-000936 RP-000080approved3.1.0
25.4130069-3.0.0R1999Start Timer TDATAfwd upon reception of RELOCATION COMMANDR3-000712 RP-000080approved3.1.0
25.4130068-3.0.0R1999Relocation execution triggerR3-000711 RP-000079approved3.1.0
25.413006743.0.0R1999Iu signalling connection identity: CR67r4R3-000948 RP-000080approved3.1.0
25.4130066-3.0.0R1999to 25.413: Editorial changes to RANAP for better readability the level of indentation has been indicated by arrows.R3-000704 RP-000079approved3.1.0
25.4130063-3.0.0R1999CN intitiated RAB release during ongoing RAB Assingment procedureR3-000679 RP-000079approved3.1.0
25.4130062-3.0.0R1999Removal of interaction between Iu Release and Relocation ResourceR3-000678 RP-000079approved3.1.0
25.413006113.0.0R1999Handling of possible inconsistencies between LAC and SAI in Initial UE messageR3-000913 RP-000081approved3.1.0
25.413005813.0.0R1999to 25.413: Clarification of CN actions for Iu Release RequestR3-000846 RP-000080approved3.1.0
25.413005723.0.0R1999to 25.413: Clarification of CN actions for RAB Release RequestR3-000920 RP-000081approved3.1.0
25.413005623.0.0R1999Coding and definition of RANAP Relocation InformationCR56r2R3-000963 RP-000080approved3.1.0
25.413005513.0.0R1999to 25.413: Modifying Conditions for security information in Source RNC to Target RNC Transparent ContainerR3-000844 RP-000080approved3.1.0
25.413005413.0.0R1999to 25.413: Editorial correction of cause in RANAPR3-000847 RP-000080approved3.1.0
25.413005323.0.0R1999Addition of Paging related parameter: CR53r2R3-000842 RP-000080approved3.1.0
25.4130052-3.0.0R1999Addition of exception to Error IndicationR3-000640 RP-000079approved3.1.0
25.413005113.0.0R1999Clarification of Elementary Procedure DefinitionR3-000885 RP-000080approved3.1.0
25.4130050-3.0.0R1999Resetting of HFN when new security keys are activatedR3-000630 RP-000079approved3.1.0
25.4130049-3.0.0R1999Security information in Relocation messagesR3-000629 RP-000079approved3.1.0
25.4130047-3.0.0R1999Correction of range for security algorithms and number of keysR3-000627 RP-000079approved3.1.0
25.4130046-3.0.0R1999Cause value to use in connection with Relocation PreparationR3-000626 RP-000079approved3.1.0
25.4130045-3.0.0R1999Clarification of relation between RAB and Radio BearersR3-000625 RP-000079approved3.1.0
25.4130044-3.0.0R1999Cause value “RAB pre-empted” moved from IU RELEASE REQUEST to RAB RELEASE REQUESTR3-000624 RP-000079approved3.1.0
25.4130043-3.0.0R1999Aligning the definition of N-PDU Sequence Number throughout RANAPR3-000623 RP-000079approved3.1.0
25.413004213.0.0R1999Clarifications in the Paging and Common ID proceduresR3-000884 RP-000080approved3.1.0
25.4130040-3.0.0R1999Clarification of the interaction between Event Reported and Direct Reported Location ReportingR3-000620 RP-000079approved3.1.0
25.4130038-3.0.0R1999DL/UL GTP-PDU Sequence Numbers on wrong level in RAB Assignment ResponseR3-000618 RP-000079approved3.1.0
25.4130037-3.0.0R1999Clarifying of failure situations for RAB AssignmentR3-000617 RP-000079approved3.1.0
25.4130036-3.0.0R1999Clarification of when RELOCATION REQUEST ACKNOWLEDGE will contain the transparent containerR3-000616 RP-000079approved3.1.0
25.4130034-3.0.0R1999CN Domain Identifier in Target ID in Relocation RequiredR3-000614 RP-000078approved3.1.0
25.4130033-3.0.0R1999Correction of the tabular format for the Cause IER3-000613 RP-000078approved3.1.0
25.413003213.0.0R1999Renaming NAS Binding information to RAB ID and removing local RAB ID in RANAPR3-000801 RP-000080approved3.1.0
25.413003113.0.0R1999Definition of global RAB ID in RANAPR3-000800 RP-000080approved3.1.0
25.4130030-3.0.0R1999Editorial changes to RANAPR3-000609 RP-000078approved3.1.0
25.4130029-3.0.0R1999Introduction of ‘Presence’ information element for ExtensionR3-000533 RP-000078approved3.1.0
25.413002813.0.0R1999This is an update to tdoc R3-000532. New CR28r1.R3-000733 RP-000080approved3.1.0
25.4130026-3.0.0R1999Enhancement of the description of the message type IER3-000512 RP-000079approved3.1.0
25.413002513.0.0R1999Clarification on criticality modellingR3-000732 RP-000080approved3.1.0
25.413002423.0.0R1999Corrections of RANAP RAB parametersR3-000799 RP-000080approved3.1.0
25.4130021-3.0.0R1999New Cause values in RANAP.R3-000315 RP-000078approved3.1.0
25.4130020-3.0.0R1999Initiation of Iu Release procedure as a consequence of RAB RELEASE REQUEST.R3-000314 RP-000078approved3.1.0
25.4130019-3.0.0R1999Handle invalid RAB IDs in the SRNS Context Transfer procedureR3-000313 RP-000078approved3.1.0
25.4130018-3.0.0R1999Report RABs for which a Data Volume report can’t be generated in the Data Volume Report message.R3-000312 RP-000078approved3.1.0
25.4130017-3.0.0R1999to 25.413: Correction of the type of d-RNTI in RANAP ASN.1R3-000150 RP-000078approved3.1.0
25.413001623.0.0R1999to 25.413: Correcting the conditions for RAB information in Relocation Request Acknowledge messageR3-000914 RP-000081approved3.1.0
25.4130015-3.0.0R1999to 25.413: Correction to NAS Broadcast Information IE descriptionR3-000151 RP-000078approved3.1.0
25.4130014-3.0.0R1999Definition of Transport Layer AddressR3-000061 RP-000078approved3.1.0
25.4130013-3.0.0R1999Correction of the presence of Transparent Container IEs in RANAP RELOCATION REQUIRED and RELOCATION COMMAND messageR3-000332 RP-000078approved3.1.0
25.4130012-3.0.0R1999to 25.413: Correction in RANAP:RAB Assignment Response messageR3-000325 RP-000078approved3.1.0
25.413001113.0.0R1999to 25.413: missing cause value in RANAP (CR11r1)R3-000650 RP-000079approved3.1.0
25.413001013.0.0R1999to 25.413: Cause value related to relocation (CR10r1)R3-000652 RP-000079approved3.1.0
25.413000913.0.0R1999to 25.413: cause value range of cause miscelleneous in RANAP (CR9r1)R3-000651 RP-000079approved3.1.0
25.4130008-3.0.0R1999Additional description of the usage of “no encryption” and the prioritation of UEAs within RANAP EP descriptionR3-000279 RP-000078approved3.1.0
25.4130007-3.0.0R1999Removal of an out of date statement about a specifc order of IEs within RANAP messages.R3-000277 RP-000078approved3.1.0
25.4130006-3.0.0R1999Editorial Modification of the Chosen UP Version IE descriptionR3-000276 RP-000078approved3.1.0
25.4130005-3.0.0R1999Some editorial modifications of EP descriptions related to relocation of SRNSR3-000275 RP-000078approved3.1.0
25.4130004-3.0.0R1999Corrections within RAB Assignment procedure descriptionR3-000274 RP-000078approved3.1.0
25.4130003-3.0.0R1999Corrections within ASN.1 definition of some security related IEsR3-000273 RP-000078approved3.1.0
25.413000213.0.0R1999Criticality Information within the Message Tabular FormatR3-000364 RP-000078approved3.1.0
25.413000133.0.0R1999Correction on CN broadcast procedure. Part of the Iu subworking group.R3-000924 RP-000081approved3.1.0