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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
34.1220285-7.5.0Rel-7Update of Detection of E-DCH HARQ ACK Indicator Channel (E-HICH) and Demodulation of E-DCH Absolute Grant Channel (E-AGCH) tests for 3.84Mcps and 7.68Mcps TDDR5-083826agreedRP-080561approved7.6.0
34.1220283-7.5.0Rel-7Update of annex with new test configuration and multi path channel definition required for MBSFN testing for 3.84Mcps and 7.68Mcps TDDR5-083823agreedRP-080568approved7.6.0
34.1220282-7.5.0Rel-7Addition of RF tests for MBSFN for 3.84Mcps and 7.68Mcps TDDR5-083320agreedRP-080568approved7.6.0
34.1220281-7.5.0Rel-7Adding the test case of MBSFN capable UE for LTDDR5-083305agreedRP-080569approved7.6.0
34.1220280-7.5.0Rel-7Adding the test tolerance of performance requirement for HSDPAR5-083304agreedRP-080557approved7.6.0
34.1220279-7.5.0Rel-7Correcting the test case of spurious emissionsR5-083303agreedRP-080557approved7.6.0
34.1220278-7.5.0Rel-7Correction to test case RRC re-establishment delay to an unknown target cell test parametersR5-083058agreedRP-080557approved7.6.0
34.1220277-7.5.0Rel-7Correction to test case RRC re-establishment delay to an known target cell test parametersR5-083057agreedRP-080557approved7.6.0