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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
29.2120447-8.6.0Rel-8Correcting Allocation-Retention-Priority AVP M bit setting Details C3-100232 agreedCP-100074approved8.7.0
29.2120445-8.6.0Rel-8Removing Supported-Features in RAR and RAA Details C3-100228 agreedCP-100076approved8.7.0
29.212044328.6.0Rel-8Supported-Feature feature bit definitions Details C3-100302 agreedCP-100076approved8.7.0
29.212044028.6.0Rel-8RAT-type value for eHRPD 29.212 R8 Details C3-100310 agreedCP-100074approved8.7.0
29.212043818.6.0Rel-8Removal of Editor's Note on IP-CAN type for Gn/Gp SGSN connected to PGW in 29.212 R8 Details C3-100352 agreedCP-100074approved8.7.0
29.212042918.6.0Rel-8Reporting the motility protocol tunnelling header Details C3-100350 agreedCP-100074approved8.7.0
29.2120427-8.6.0Rel-8Correcting the Gxx interface function Details C3-100154 agreedCP-100074approved8.7.0
29.212042518.6.0Rel-8BBERF interaction for time of the day procedures Details C3-100322 agreedCP-100080approved8.7.0
29.212042118.6.0Rel-8Correction of Flow-Description AVP description Details C3-100328 agreedCP-100076approved8.7.0
29.212041918.6.0Rel-8QoS handling for 3GPP EPS with Gn/Gp SGSN Details C3-100324 agreedCP-100076approved8.7.0
29.212041728.6.0Rel-8AVPs applicability for case 2a Details C3-100307 agreedCP-100074approved8.7.0
29.212041318.6.0Rel-8TAI and ECGI location change event triggers Details C3-100344 agreedCP-100074approved8.7.0
29.212041128.6.0Rel-8PCC rule for the UE-initiated resource modification Details C3-100305 agreedCP-100074approved8.7.0
29.212040718.6.0Rel-8Reporting the successful installation of PCC rules Details C3-100338 agreedCP-100074approved8.7.0
29.212040518.6.0Rel-8PCC supporting IMS signalling bearer Details C3-100336 agreedCP-100074approved8.7.0
29.212040018.6.0Rel-8Usage reporting Details C3-100392 agreedCP-100070approved8.7.0