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23.401084318.4.1Rel-8Alignments related to NAS security handling Details S2-091626 agreedSP-090116approved8.5.0
23.401083718.4.1Rel-8RRC Connection recovery by NAS Details S2-091632 agreedSP-090116approved8.5.0
23.4010836-8.4.1Rel-8Core Network classmark handling Details S2-091266 agreedSP-090116approved8.5.0
23.401083318.4.1Rel-8Location dependent charging Details S2-091630 agreedSP-090116approved8.5.0
23.4010824-8.4.1Rel-8Correction of IPv6 address allocation for GTP-based S5/S8 Details S2-091201 agreedSP-090116approved8.5.0
23.4010821-8.4.1Rel-8UE-AMBR handling in UE or MME Initiated PDN Disconnect Details S2-091143 agreedSP-090116approved8.5.0
23.401081918.4.1Rel-8Bearer handling Correction in ECM-CONNECTED Details S2-091527 agreedSP-090116approved8.5.0
23.401081628.4.1Rel-8Clarification of UE Validated Context Request message Details S2-091721 agreedSP-090116approved8.5.0
23.401081228.4.1Rel-8Clarification of Subscribed PDN Type IPv4v6 Details S2-091724 agreedSP-090116approved8.5.0
23.401080928.4.1Rel-8Introducing Data Forwarding indication for inter RAT handover to EUTRAN Details S2-091723 agreedSP-090116approved8.5.0
23.401080818.4.1Rel-8Prioritization of EPS Bearers and PDP Contexts during TAU Details S2-091644 agreedSP-090116approved8.5.0
23.401080618.4.1Rel-8The synchronization of EPS security context during the TAU procedure Details S2-091642 agreedSP-090116approved8.5.0
23.401080328.4.1Rel-8Data Forwarding Path between SGW and S4-SGSN for IRAT HO from E-UTRAN to UTRAN Iu-mode Details S2-091722 agreedSP-090116approved8.5.0
23.4010799-8.4.1Rel-8Clarification that dedicated bearers are per PDN connection Details S2-090869 agreedSP-090116approved8.5.0
23.401079848.4.1Rel-8Alignment of UE requested bearer resource modification procedure Details S2-091760 agreedSP-090116approved8.5.0
23.401079618.4.1Rel-8MBR for non-GBR PDP-contexts Details S2-091504 agreedSP-090116approved8.5.0
23.4010795-8.4.1Rel-8Clarification of reference in MME-Initiated Detach Procedure Details S2-090855 agreedSP-090115approved8.5.0
23.401079428.4.1Rel-8Unconditional RAU at handover to same RA Details S2-091719 agreedSP-090115approved8.5.0
23.401079318.4.1Rel-8Remove TCP option for reference point S6a and S13 Details S2-091637 agreedSP-090115approved8.5.0
23.401078118.4.1Rel-8Editorial Updates on MME control of overload clause Details S2-090760 agreedSP-090115approved8.5.0
23.401078028.4.1Rel-8Clarification that PDN GW initiated bearer modification procedure supports change of QCI Details S2-090762 agreedSP-090115approved8.5.0
23.401077938.4.1Rel-8Establish all the Dedicated Bearers in combination with default bearer in Handover Attach or Handover PDN connectivity Details S2-091629 agreedSP-090115approved8.5.0
23.401077838.4.1Rel-8Clarification of the additional P-TMSI/RAI Details S2-090777 agreedSP-090115approved8.5.0
23.401077738.4.1Rel-8Clarification on the UE identity handling during Attach procedure Details S2-090646 agreedSP-090115approved8.5.0
23.401077618.4.1Rel-8Removal of editor's notes and FFS' Details S2-090625 agreedSP-090115approved8.5.0
23.401077518.4.1Rel-8PCC related update of bearer activation and modification procedure Details S2-090620 agreedSP-090115approved8.5.0
23.401077418.4.1Rel-8NAS message/S1 procedure handling during S1 interface handover Details S2-090619 agreedSP-090115approved8.5.0
23.401077328.4.1Rel-8UE capability handling at inter-RAT handover Details S2-090652 agreedSP-090115approved8.5.0
23.4010772-8.4.1Rel-8Cleanup of definitions and abbreviations Details S2-090350 agreedSP-090115approved8.5.0
23.401077138.4.1Rel-8Correction of Routeing Area Update Details S2-090806 agreedSP-090115approved8.5.0
23.401077018.4.1Rel-8PDP Context to EPS Bearer mapping in MME during Gn/Gp-SGSN to MME TAU. Details S2-090617 agreedSP-090115approved8.5.0
23.401076828.4.1Rel-8Cause IE and Transparent Container IE Cleanup. Details S2-090649 agreedSP-090115approved8.5.0
23.401076128.4.1Rel-8M-PDN Detach Procedure Specification Details S2-090615 agreedSP-090114approved8.5.0
23.401076018.4.1Rel-8Storage of the IPv4 address in the MME Details S2-090612 agreedSP-090114approved8.5.0
23.401075928.4.1Rel-8Prioritization of EPS Bearers and PDP Contexts during TAU Details S2-090645 agreedSP-090114approved8.5.0
23.401075818.4.1Rel-8Bearers Requesting Data Forwarding List in inter-RAT handover Details S2-090614 agreedSP-090114approved8.5.0
23.401075738.4.1Rel-8Handling NAS Procedure at the MME Details S2-090776 agreedSP-090114approved8.5.0
23.401075428.4.1Rel-8Un-successful case clarification for X2 handover Details S2-090651 agreedSP-090114approved8.5.0
23.401075228.4.1Rel-8Corrections about the UE location Info reporting in detach procedure. Details S2-090643 agreedSP-090114approved8.5.0
23.401074918.4.1Rel-8Clarifications on APN Selection Details S2-090640 agreedSP-090114approved8.5.0
23.401074828.4.1Rel-8Relation between EPS MM and CM state Details S2-091628 agreedSP-090114approved8.5.0
23.401074618.4.1Rel-8Clarification on PDN GW selection function Details S2-090621 agreedSP-090114approved8.5.0
23.401074528.4.1Rel-8correction on the PDN TYPE Details S2-090647 agreedSP-090114approved8.5.0
23.401074218.4.1Rel-8Clarification of IPv6 prefix and interface identifier allocation to UE Details S2-090601 agreedSP-090114approved8.5.0
23.401074118.4.1Rel-8Alignment of Figure with the text of MME-HSS interaction Details S2-090610 agreedSP-090114approved8.5.0
23.401074028.4.1Rel-8Handling Wild CARD APN in 3GPP Access Details S2-090774 agreedSP-090114approved8.5.0
23.401073928.4.1Rel-8Refinement to the procedures for storing PDN GW information in HSS Details S2-090773 agreedSP-090114approved8.5.0
23.401073518.4.1Rel-8Clarify text on subscribed QoS Details S2-090605 agreedSP-090114approved8.5.0
23.401073418.4.1Rel-8Error correction of TAU procedure Details S2-090609 agreedSP-090114approved8.5.0
23.401073318.4.1Rel-8IRAT Handover procedures updated with references to security specification Details S2-090628 agreedSP-090114approved8.5.0
23.401073218.4.1Rel-8Alignment of S3 to transfer EPS Bearers instead of PDP contexts at IRAT handover Details S2-090603 agreedSP-090114approved8.5.0