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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
29.118004718.3.0Rel-8Correction of values of IMSI detach from EPS service type IE and IMSI detach from non-EPS service type IE Details C1-095377 agreedCP-090915approved8.4.0
29.1180046-8.3.0Rel-8HSS location update procedure and location update procedure for non-EPS services Details C1-095194 agreedCP-090915approved8.4.0
29.1180044-8.3.0Rel-8Correction of reference to TS 23.195 Details C1-095192 agreedCP-090915approved8.4.0
29.118004318.3.0Rel-8Handling of EPS detach indication Details C1-095376 agreedCP-090915approved8.4.0
29.1180042-8.3.0Rel-8Remove use case of UE not supporting combined attach for ‘SMS only’ Details C1-094979 agreedCP-090916approved8.4.0
29.118004118.3.0Rel-8Implicit detach procedure in VLR correction Details C1-094661 agreedCP-090915approved8.4.0
29.118004018.3.0Rel-8Correction of definition of MME name Details C1-094670 agreedCP-090915approved8.4.0
29.118003928.3.0Rel-8Correction for Online and offline charging parameters Details C1-094766 agreedCP-090916approved8.4.0
29.118003868.3.0Rel-8Corrections for SGs Service Request Details C1-095559 agreedCP-090915approved8.4.0
29.118003718.3.0Rel-8Location update initiation for SMS over SGs only Details C1-094654 agreedCP-090916approved8.4.0
29.118003618.3.0Rel-8Paging procedure in MME for supporting SMS only Details C1-094653 agreedCP-090916approved8.4.0