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See details 34.1080860-F9.3.0Rel-9Update of the default RADIO BEARER SETUP message (FDD) for support of combination of DC-HSDPA with MIMO Details R5-110695 agreedRAN5#50Ericsson, ST-Er... Details RP-110177 approvedRAN#51R59.4.0RANimp-DC_MIMO_...
See details 34.1080859-F9.3.0Rel-9Addition of comments for Rel-8 UE behaviour in section 7.2.4 ( session setup) Details R5-110667 agreedRAN5#50Renesas Electro... Details RP-110165 approvedRAN#51R59.4.0TEI8_Test
See details 34.1080858-F9.3.0Rel-9Reduce the channel code for HS-SCCH and HS-SICH for LCRTDD SIB5 Details R5-110622 agreedRAN5#50CATT Details RP-110154 approvedRAN#51R59.4.0TEI5_Test
See details 34.1080857-F9.3.0Rel-9Reduce the channel code for HS-SCCH and HS-SICH, and adjust channel code of E-AGCH and E-HICH for LCR TDD BADIO BEARER SETUP Details R5-110621 agreedRAN5#50CATT Details RP-110165 approvedRAN#51R59.4.0TEI8_Test
See details 34.1080856-F9.3.0Rel-9Correction UARFCN and Frequency of band e for LCR TDD in 34.108 Details R5-110620 agreedRAN5#50CATT Details RP-110153 approvedRAN#51R59.4.0TEI4_Test
See details 34.1080855-F9.3.0Rel-9Correction Physical channel parameters of downlink 128kbps PS RAB for LCR TDD in 34.108 Details R5-110615 agreedRAN5#50CATT Details RP-110153 approvedRAN#51R59.4.0TEI4_Test