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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
34.123-32720-8.3.0Rel-8Addition of GCF WI 101 Rel-7 Snow 3G InterRAT test case
34.123-32719-8.3.0Rel-8Corrections to L2 Enhancement RAB test case 14.7.6bR5s090208agreedRP-091114approved8.4.0
34.123-32718-8.3.0Rel-8Corrections to test steps and constraints with identical namesR5s090206agreedRP-091114approved8.4.0
34.123-32717-8.3.0Rel-8Addition of GCF WI 101 Rel-7 Snow 3G InterRAT test case
34.123-32716-8.3.0Rel-8Incorrect implementation of R5s090082R5s090182agreedRP-091114approved8.4.0
34.123-32715-8.3.0Rel-8Addition of RFT067 test case
34.123-32714-8.3.0Rel-8Addition of RFT067 test case
34.123-32713-8.3.0Rel-8Addition of RFT067 test case
34.123-32712-8.3.0Rel-8Addition of GCF WI 70 Rel-7 CPC MAC test case
34.123-32711-8.3.0Rel-8Addition of GCF WI 70 Rel-7 CPC MAC test case
34.123-32710-8.3.0Rel-8Addition of CS voice over HSPA RAB test case 14.7.9R5s090134agreedRP-091114approved8.4.0
34.123-32709-8.3.0Rel-8Addition of GCF WI-101 Rel-7 Ciphering test case to HSPA7_ENH ATSR5s090169agreedRP-091114approved8.4.0
34.123-32708-8.3.0Rel-8Addition of GCF WI-101 GCF Rel-7 Ciphering test case to HSPA7_ENH ATSR5s090173agreedRP-091114approved8.4.0
34.123-32707-8.3.0Rel-8Correction to GCF WI-101 Rel-7 Ciphering test case
34.123-32706-8.3.0Rel-8Corrections to Rel-7 64QAM testcase 14.6.6bR5s090159agreedRP-091114approved8.4.0
34.123-32705-8.3.0Rel-8Correction to Rel-7 Enhanced L2 test case
34.123-32704-8.3.0Rel-8Corrections to Rel-7 testcases to make F-DPCH optionalR5s090158agreedRP-091114approved8.4.0
34.123-32703-8.3.0Rel-8Corrections to Rel-6 testcases to make F-DPCH optionalR5s090143agreedRP-091114approved8.4.0
34.123-32702-8.3.0Rel-8Correction to HSDPA, HSUPA and HSPA7 DCH to FACH and FACH to DCH transition test casesR5s090147agreedRP-091114approved8.4.0
34.123-32701-8.3.0Rel-8Correction to RRC Connection Request test steps to update Release IndicationR5s090133agreedRP-091114approved8.4.0
34.123-32700-8.3.0Rel-8Correction to ts_TransitToURA_PCH_P17_P18 in RRC ATSR5s090136agreedRP-091114approved8.4.0
34.123-32699-8.3.0Rel-8Addition of GCF WI-101 Rel-7 SNOW Ciphering test case to HS_ENH_r7 ATS v8.2.0.R5s090127agreedRP-091114approved8.4.0
34.123-32698-8.3.0Rel-8TTCN Correction in TC
34.123-32697-8.3.0Rel-8Correction to GCF WI-101 SNOW 3G TC
34.123-32696-8.3.0Rel-8Correction to WK37 TTCNR5s090132agreedRP-091114approved8.4.0
34.123-32695-8.3.0Rel-8Correction to GCF WI-10 IR_U test case
34.123-32694-8.3.0Rel-8Correction to GCF WI 68 RRC test case
34.123-32693-8.3.0Rel-8Correction to R99 FACH to DCH and DCH to FACH transition RRC test casesR5s090125agreedRP-091114approved8.4.0
34.123-32692-8.3.0Rel-8Correction to GCF WI 24/1 test case
34.123-32691-8.3.0Rel-8Addition of GCF WI-101 Rel-7 Ciphering test case to HSPA7_ENH ATSR5s090113agreedRP-091114approved8.4.0
34.123-32690-8.3.0Rel-8Addition of GCF WI-101 Rel-7 Ciphering test case to HSPA7_ENH ATSR5s090115agreedRP-091114approved8.4.0
34.123-32689-8.3.0Rel-8Addition of GCF WI-101 Rel-7 Ciphering test case to HSPA7_ENH ATSR5s090117agreedRP-091114approved8.4.0
34.123-32688-8.3.0Rel-8Correction to the GCF WI-014 HSDPA TC,,
34.123-32687-8.3.0Rel-8Correction to the test step ts_RRC_receiveConnSetupCmpl_CheckA5_3R5s090119agreedRP-091114approved8.4.0
34.123-32686-8.3.0Rel-8Corrections to GCF Rel 99, Rel-5 and Rel-6 test casesR5s090123agreedRP-091114approved8.4.0
34.123-32685-8.3.0Rel-8Corrections to RAB Test CasesR5s090126agreedRP-091114approved8.4.0
34.123-32684-8.3.0Rel-8Corrections to CPC testcasesR5s090122agreedRP-091114approved8.4.0
34.123-32683-8.3.0Rel-8Correction to GCF WI 24/1 test case
34.123-32682-8.3.0Rel-8Correction to CPC RRC test case
34.123-32681-8.3.0Rel-8Addition of GCF WI 70 Rel-7 CPC test case
34.123-32680-8.3.0Rel-8Addition of GCF WI-101 Rel-7 Ciphering test case to HSPA7_ENH ATSR5s090109agreedRP-091114approved8.4.0
34.123-32679-8.3.0Rel-8Addition of GCF WI-101 Rel-7 Ciphering test case to HSPA7_ENH ATSR5s090107agreedRP-091114approved8.4.0
34.123-32678-8.3.0Rel-8to 34.123-3: Add new verified and e-mail agreed TTCN test cases in the TC lists in 34.123-3 (prose), Annex A- RP-091113approved8.4.0
34.123-32677-8.3.0Rel-8Removal of GPRS P-channels from GERAN test model and ASPsR5-096432agreedRP-091115approved8.4.0
34.123-32676-8.3.0Rel-8Routine maintenance for divergent updatesR5-096431agreedRP-091119approved8.4.0