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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
32.2510098-8.4.0Rel-8SGW CDR and PGW CDR fields description refinement for fields applicable to GPRS onlyS5-091183 SP-090206approved8.5.0
32.2510097-8.4.0Rel-8Add new chargeable events to IP-CAN bearer chargingS5-091556 SP-090206approved8.5.0
32.2510096-8.4.0Rel-8Missing information in PS information for SGW/PGW CDRs in EPS offline chargingS5-091554 SP-090206approved8.5.0
32.2510095-8.4.0Rel-8Mapping Ato CDR in EPC chargingS5-091553 SP-090206approved8.5.0
32.2510094-8.4.0Rel-8Non-3GPP access ôCDMA2000 HRPD accessö information in EPC chargingS5-091544 SP-090206approved8.5.0
32.2510093-8.4.0Rel-8Node-Functionality use for Rf in EPC chargingS5-091532 SP-090206approved8.5.0
32.2510092-8.4.0Rel-8Subscription identifier added in ôservice informationö description for EPS offline chargingS5-091514 SP-090206approved8.5.0
32.2510091-8.4.0Rel-8Refinements on SGW CDR content descriptionS5-091513 SP-090206approved8.5.0
32.2510090-8.4.0Rel-8Correction of QoS handling in EPC ChargingS5-091512 SP-090206approved8.5.0
32.2510089-8.4.0Rel-8User Location description enhancement for complying to EPC contextS5-091510 SP-090206approved8.5.0
32.2510088-8.4.0Rel-8Clarifications on EPC chargingS5-091128 SP-090206approved8.5.0
32.2510087-8.4.0Rel-8PS offline charging - Refinements on PGW CDR content description and PS-information descriptionS5-091127 SP-090206approved8.5.0
32.2510086-8.4.0Rel-8PS offline charging - Rf description refinements for EPC offline chargingS5-091126 SP-090206approved8.5.0