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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
22.078004823.3.0R1999to 22.078 R99 on Corrections to CAMEL interworking with GPRS re3S1-000445agreedSP-000198approved3.4.0
22.0780047-3.3.0R1999Removal of Editor’s notes and corrections to Annex 1S1-000390agreedSP-000198approved3.4.0
22.0780046-3.3.0R1999Update of CAMEL roaming issues (section 16)S1-000404agreedSP-000198approved3.4.0
22.0780045-3.3.0R1999Distinction between initial and subsequent service eventsS1-000403agreedSP-000198approved3.4.0
22.0780044-3.3.0R1999Definition of Geodetic InformationS1-000402agreedSP-000198approved3.4.0
22.0780043-3.3.0R1999Removal of question marks from the A.1 information flow tableS1-000396agreedSP-000198approved3.4.0
22.0780042-3.3.0R1999Corrections to Interactions with Supplementary ServicesS1-000395agreedSP-000198approved3.4.0
22.0780041-3.3.0R1999Removal of NPI from conditional triggeringS1-000255agreedSP-000198approved3.4.0
22.0780040-3.3.0R1999Clarification for conditional triggering for subscribed dialled servicesS1-000252agreedSP-000198approved3.4.0
22.0780039-3.3.0R1999Correction to description of subscriber dialled servicesS1-000251agreedSP-000198approved3.4.0
22.0780038-3.3.0R1999Correction to the reduced scope of CAMEL Phase 3 in release 99 – deletion of MexE / SAT free format data parameter in Annex A.1S1-000247agreedSP-000198approved3.4.0
22.0780037-3.3.0R1999Correction to the reduced scope of CAMEL Phase 3 in release 99 – enhancements to call forwardingS1-000232agreedSP-000198approved3.4.0