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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
11.10-30311-4.19.0Ph2New Cell selection ATS Details 384  97-679approved4.20.0
11.10-30310-4.19.0Ph2New EFR ATS Details 383  97-678approved4.20.0
11.10-30309-4.19.0Ph2Changing of RF Levels To Ensure Cell Selection Details 375  97-676approved4.20.0
11.10-30308-4.19.0Ph2Initate normal MO call in TC_26_7_4_2_1 Details 371  97-676approved4.20.0
11.10-30307-4.19.0Ph2Change order of ICS/IXIT parameters Details 352  97-677approved4.20.0
11.10-30306-4.19.0Ph2Structured rest octet definitions for SI 2ter, 5ter, 7 and 8 Details 385  97-677approved4.20.0
11.10-30305-4.19.0Ph2Action on expiry of timer T3210 in TC_26_7_4_3_2, _3 Details 350  97-677approved4.20.0
11.10-30304-4.19.0Ph2Handling non CC MS Details 349  97-677approved4.20.0
11.10-30303-4.19.0Ph2Wildcards used in a qualifier expression Details 341  97-677approved4.20.0
11.10-30302-4.19.0Ph2Use correct channels in TC_31_6_2_1 Details 337  97-676approved4.20.0
11.10-30301-4.19.0Ph2Wait period too short and an uneccessary Chan Rel Details 331  97-676approved4.20.0
11.10-30300-4.19.0Ph2Ciphering key problem in MM_LupAuthRpt Details 330  97-676approved4.20.0
11.10-30299-4.19.0Ph2Error in BS61or81MT prevents checking of MS abilities to service Details 369  97-676approved4.20.0
11.10-30298-4.19.0Ph2MS receiving AoCC parameters midway through a call Details 327  97-676approved4.20.0
11.10-30297-4.19.0Ph2Wrong start type in preamble for TC_26_9_6_2_1,_2 Details 368  97-676approved4.20.0
11.10-30296-4.19.0Ph2Error In Default Behaviour List of TS RR_Hocomp1 Details 325  97-676approved4.20.0
11.10-30295-4.19.0Ph2Structured rest octet definitions for SI 3 & 4 Details 324  97-676approved4.20.0
11.10-30294-4.19.0Ph2FreqTch_ef1 and ef2 use wrong mac values Details 323  97-675approved4.20.0
11.10-30293-4.19.0Ph2Update definition and loose checks for LLCMP Details 321  97-675approved4.20.0
11.10-30292-4.19.0Ph2Too short T_guard timer in TC_31_6_2_2 Details 320  97-675approved4.20.0
11.10-30291-4.19.0Ph2Problems with TC_26_6_5_4_1 Details 319  97-675approved4.20.0
11.10-30290-4.19.0Ph2Unnecesary check on follow-on request within location update Details 336  97-675approved4.20.0
11.10-30289-4.19.0Ph2TCV_SpecialCase needed for non-supported services Details 336  97-675approved4.20.0
11.10-30288-4.19.0Ph2No check of CCcap in CallConfirm_20 Details 336  97-674approved4.20.0
11.10-30287-4.19.0Ph2Addition of 1 s. delay between CHAN REL and PAGE REQ Details 336  97-674approved4.20.0
11.10-30286-4.19.0Ph2Ciphering between changes of radio rate needs to be disabled Details 336  97-674approved4.20.0
11.10-30285-4.19.0Ph2Verdicts in test steps and test cases need to be labelled Details 336  97-674approved4.20.0
11.10-30284-4.19.0Ph2RcvSetupotEsetup not setting Emergency TC variable Details 339  97-674approved4.20.0
11.10-30283-4.19.0Ph2Correction to TC_26_6_5_5_1 Details 336  97-674approved4.20.0
11.10-30282-4.19.0Ph2Remove the setting ciphering in the pre-amble of CC TCs Details 336  97-674approved4.20.0
11.10-30281-4.19.0Ph2Correction to PDU constraints Setup_10_UDI, Setup_10_3100 and Setup_11_3100 Details 336  97-674approved4.20.0
11.10-30280-4.19.0Ph2Possible Expiry of T3240 in TC_26_6_8_4 & TC_26_6_4_1 Details 336  97-674approved4.20.0
11.10-30279-4.19.0Ph2Incorrect Delays In Test Case TC_26_2_4_6 Details 336  97-673approved4.20.0
11.10-30278-4.19.0Ph2Correction Structured Type Constraint ProgInd_01 Details 336  97-673approved4.20.0
11.10-30277-4.19.0Ph2Channel Rate Variable Not Set For Half-Rate Details 336  97-673approved4.20.0
11.10-30276-4.19.0Ph2RACH Random Ref. & Frame No. not used by IMM. ASS. In TC_26_6_4_1 Details 336  97-673approved4.20.0
11.10-30275-4.19.0Ph2Unnecessary iei in several constraints* Details 336  97-673approved4.20.0
11.10-30274-4.19.0Ph2Redundant Call in TC_26_9_3 Details 336  97-673approved4.20.0
11.10-30273-4.19.0Ph2Problem in TS SvcSupportedChk Details 336  97-673approved4.20.0
11.10-30272-4.19.0Ph2Problems in Non-Sync HandOver Test Case Details 336  97-673approved4.20.0
11.10-30271-4.19.0Ph2Use correct channels in TC_34_2_2 for SMS Details 336  97-673approved4.20.0
11.10-30270-4.19.0Ph2Changes to ATS v4190 in order to support EFR mobiles Details 335  97-672approved4.20.0
11.10-30269-4.19.0Ph2Indentation error in TC_26_8_1_2_3_2 Details 335  97-672approved4.20.0
11.10-30268-4.19.0Ph2Test step RcvSetupOrEsetup consumes messages in error in TC_26_7_5_3 Details 335  97-672approved4.20.0
11.10-30267-4.19.0Ph2Correct cell for paging and access grants after checking for no-paging in cell-B in TC_26_7_5_7_1 Details 335  97-672approved4.20.0
11.10-30266-4.19.0Ph2Dont care what the deleted LAI is in the pre-amble of TC_26_7_4_6 Details 335  97-672approved4.20.0
11.10-30265-4.19.0Ph2Wrong Transaction Identifier in a Call Proceeding message for a second call in TC_31_6_1_2 Details 335  97-672approved4.20.0
11.10-30264-4.19.0Ph2Not return the MS to idle state after executing localtree in TC_31_6_1_1 Details 335  97-672approved4.20.0
11.10-30262-4.19.0Ph2Correct error in formation of SI 4 messages for CBCH needs Details 335  97-671approved4.20.0
11.10-30261-4.19.0Ph2SMS data link establishments against the wrong sapi Details 335  97-671approved4.20.0
11.10-30260-4.19.0Ph2TTCN Verdict Error in TC_26_8_1_2_4_2 Details 335  97-671approved4.20.0
11.10-30259-4.19.0Ph2Change to TSO OM_NoL2Ack Details 335  97-671approved4.20.0