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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
34.123-32385-7.0.0Rel-7Guidance of test execution when Introducing Operating Bands XII, XIII and XIVR5-081536agreedRP-080370approved7.1.0
34.123-32384-7.0.0Rel-7PIXIT for UE LCS Notification timeout timer addedR5-081571agreedRP-080430approved7.1.0
34.123-32383-7.0.0Rel-7R99 TSO routine maintenanceR5-081058agreedRP-080363approved7.1.0
34.123-32382-7.0.0Rel-7ASP improvement when configuring MICH and PICHR5-081523agreedRP-080429approved7.1.0
34.123-32381-7.0.0Rel-7ASP corrections for Rel-7 test modelR5-081510agreedRP-080430approved7.1.0
34.123-32380-7.0.0Rel-7Correction to SMS test cases 16.2.1 and 16.2.2R5s080079agreedRP-080368approved7.1.0
34.123-32379-7.0.0Rel-7Correction to GCF WI-49 MBMS RRC test case
34.123-32378-7.0.0Rel-7Baseline upgrade to March-08 Rel-7R5s080067agreedRP-080368approved7.1.0
34.123-32377-7.0.0Rel-7Summary of regression errors in D08wk10 for GCF WI-025R5s080082agreedRP-080368approved7.1.0
34.123-32376-7.0.0Rel-7Correction to MICH configuration.R5s080076agreedRP-080368approved7.1.0
34.123-32375-7.0.0Rel-7Configuration of associated physical channels.R5s080074agreedRP-080368approved7.1.0
34.123-32374-7.0.0Rel-7Correction of handling of Structured Type- and Tabular Pdu types constraints in all 3GPP UMTS ATSs.R5s080069agreedRP-080368approved7.1.0
34.123-32373-7.0.0Rel-7Correction to RAB test casesR5s080056agreedRP-080368approved7.1.0
34.123-32372-7.0.0Rel-7ASP update for Explicit TFC restrictionR5s080068agreedRP-080368approved7.1.0
34.123-32371-7.0.0Rel-7Correction to Selection Expression for test cases, 9.5.2, 9.5.4, 9.5.5 and
34.123-32370-7.0.0Rel-7Summary of regression errors in 08wk10 MBMS ATSR5s080071agreedRP-080368approved7.1.0
34.123-32369-7.0.0Rel-7Correction of UE radio access capability extensionR5s080070agreedRP-080368approved7.1.0
34.123-32368-7.0.0Rel-7Summary of regression errors in wk10 ATSR5s080062agreedRP-080368approved7.1.0
34.123-32367-7.0.0Rel-7Summary of regression errors in MBMS wk10 ATSR5s080064agreedRP-080368approved7.1.0
34.123-32366-7.0.0Rel-7Correction to E-DCH RRC testcase
34.123-32365-7.0.0Rel-7Summary of regression errors in wk07 MBMS ATSR5s080058agreedRP-080368approved7.1.0
34.123-32364-7.0.0Rel-7Correction to GCF WI-49 MBMS RRC test case
34.123-32363-7.0.0Rel-7Summary of regression errors in wk07 ATSR5s080055agreedRP-080368approved7.1.0
34.123-32362-7.0.0Rel-7Correction to Rel-5 RAB test casesR5s080052agreedRP-080368approved7.1.0
34.123-32361-7.0.0Rel-7TTCN Correction in testcases,,
34.123-32360-7.0.0Rel-7Correction to GCF WI-14 HSDPA RRC Testcase
34.123-32359-7.0.0Rel-7Correction to GCF WI-14 HSDPA RRC Testcase
34.123-32358-7.0.0Rel-7Correction to Testcase selection expressions of,,,,,
34.123-32357-7.0.0Rel-7Correction to Selection Expression for test cases and
34.123-32356-7.0.0Rel-7Addition of MBMS RAB test case 14.6.9 and 14.6.10R5s080086agreedRP-080367approved7.1.0
34.123-32355-7.0.0Rel-7Addition of MBMS RAB test case 14.6.10R5s080088agreedRP-080367approved7.1.0
34.123-32354-7.0.0Rel-7Addition of GCF WI 49 MBMS RRC test case
34.123-32353-7.0.0Rel-7Addition of GCF WI 49 RRC MBMS test case
34.123-32352-7.0.0Rel-7Addition of GCF WI 49 MBMS NAS test case 11.8.2R5s080065agreedRP-080367approved7.1.0
34.123-32351-7.0.0Rel-7Addition of E-DCH MAC test case to HSU_ENH_r6 ATSR5s080060agreedRP-080367approved7.1.0
34.123-32350-7.0.0Rel-7Addition of GCF WI-49-MBMS RRC test case
34.123-32349-7.0.0Rel-7Addition of InterRAT test case
34.123-32348-7.0.0Rel-7Addition of GCF WI 24 RRC test case
34.123-32347-7.0.0Rel-7Addition of GCF WI 49 MBMS RRC test case
34.123-32346-7.0.0Rel-7Addition of GCF WI 49 RRC MBMS test case 12.9.16R5s080041agreedRP-080367approved7.1.0
34.123-32345-7.0.0Rel-7Addition of GCF WI 49 MBMS RRC test case
34.123-32344-7.0.0Rel-7Addition to MBMS RLC test case
34.123-32343-7.0.0Rel-7Addition of GCF WI 49 MBMS test case
34.123-32342-7.0.0Rel-7Addition of GCF WI 49 MBMS RRC test case
34.123-32341-7.0.0Rel-7Addition of GCF WI 49 RRC MBMS test case
34.123-32340-7.0.0Rel-7to 34.123-3: Add new verified and e-mail agreed TTCN test cases in the TC lists in 34.123-3 (prose), Annex A-agreedRP-080366approved7.1.0