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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
36.2120023-8.2.0Rel-8Formula for linkage between PUSCH MCS and amount of resources used for control agreedRP-080457approved8.3.0
36.2120022-8.2.0Rel-8Closed-Loop and Open-Loop Spatial Multiplexing Details R1-082268 agreedRP-080433approved8.3.0
36.2120021-8.2.0Rel-8PDCCH coverage in narrow bandwidths Details R1-082260 agreedRP-080433approved8.3.0
36.2120020-8.2.0Rel-8Encoding of antenna indicator on DCI format 0 Details R1-082212 agreedRP-080433approved8.3.0
36.2120019-8.2.0Rel-8Simultaneous transmission of aperiodic CQI and UL control Details R1-082230 agreedRP-080433approved8.3.0
36.2120018-8.2.0Rel-8Coding of CQI/PMI on PUSCH coming from PUCCH Details R1-082228 agreedRP-080433approved8.3.0
36.2120017-8.2.0Rel-8Introduction of Downlink Assignment Index Details R1-082216 agreedRP-080433approved8.3.0
36.2120016-8.2.0Rel-8CRC for control information on PUSCH Details R1-082215 agreedRP-080433approved8.3.0
36.212001518.2.0Rel-8Coding of RI on PUSCH and mapping Details R1-082263 agreedRP-080433approved8.3.0
36.2120014-8.2.0Rel-8Coding of ACK on PUSCH Details R1-082213 agreedRP-080433approved8.3.0
36.2120013-8.2.0Rel-8Payload size for DCI formats 3 and 3A Details R1-082205 agreedRP-080433approved8.3.0
36.212001218.2.0Rel-8Clarifying the value of NL Details R1-082245 agreedRP-080433approved8.3.0
36.2120011-8.2.0Rel-8Clarifying the use of the different DCI formats Details R1-082203 agreedRP-080433approved8.3.0
36.2120010-8.2.0Rel-8Resource assignment field for distributed VRB Details R1-082153 agreedRP-080433approved8.3.0
36.212000918.2.0Rel-8On the soft buffer split of MIMO and TDD Details R1-082232 agreedRP-080433approved8.3.0
36.212000818.2.0Rel-8On multiplexing scheme for indicators Details R1-082238 agreedRP-080433approved8.3.0
36.212000618.2.0Rel-8Miscellaneous fixes to 36.212 Details R1-082127 agreedRP-080433approved8.3.0
36.212000518.2.0Rel-8Introduction of format 1C Details R1-082128 agreedRP-080433approved8.3.0
36.212000418.2.0Rel-8ACK insertion into PUSCH Details R1-082131 agreedRP-080433approved8.3.0
36.2120003-8.2.0Rel-8Joint coding of CQI and ACK on PUCCH Details R1-081667 agreedRP-080433approved8.3.0