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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.401205819.7.0Rel-9Modifying and rejecting bearer level QoS parameter QCI for default bearer Details S2-111075 agreedSP-110060approved9.8.0
23.4012038-9.7.0Rel-9CSFB retry in S1 HO procedure Details S2-110701 agreedSP-110065approved9.8.0
23.401198219.7.0Rel-9Correction of Gn/Gp SGSN to MME Tracking Area Update procedure Details S2-110205 agreedSP-110061approved9.8.0
23.4011976-9.7.0Rel-9Deletion of Notify Messages in PGW-initiated Bearer Deactivation Procedure Details S2-110120 agreedSP-110061approved9.8.0
23.401196319.7.0Rel-9UE Time Zone in Service Request procedure Details S2-110189 agreedSP-110065approved9.8.0
23.4011961-9.7.0Rel-9Alignment of UE Time Zone for Create Session Request Details S2-110067 agreedSP-110065approved9.8.0
23.401195939.7.0Rel-9Correction of S1-release procedure Details S2-110960 agreedSP-110065approved9.8.0
23.401195019.7.0Rel-9Correction to authentication vectors forwarding from MME to SGSN Details S2-110169 agreedSP-110060approved9.8.0
23.401182639.7.0Rel-9UE Context Modification(CSFB) retry when X2 HO fails Details S2-110081 agreedSP-110065approved9.8.0