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 Spec #CR #Revision #CR CatImpacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #CR status at WGWG meeting refWG Source informationTSG TDoc #CR status at TSGTSG meeting refTSG Source informationNew VersionWork ItemsRemarks
See details 23.40209723A10.2.0Rel-10Handling of PCRF initiated dedicated bearer related procedures during handover Details S2-111179 agreedSA2#83Hitachi, KDDI, ... Details SP-110065 approvedSA#51S210.3.0TEI9 2G
See details 23.40209671F10.2.1Rel-10Correction to DSMIPv6 Handovers Details S2-110207 agreed LG Electronics Details SP-110078 approvedSA#51S210.3.0TEI10 2G
See details 23.4020966-F10.2.0Rel-10Correction in handover to Untrusted Non-3GPP Access Network Details S2-110090 agreed Nokia Siemens N... Details SP-110078 approvedSA#51S210.3.0TEI10 2G
See details 23.40209652F10.2.1Rel-10Re-Capture Trusted non-3gpp access to 3gpp access MIPv4 FA CoA Handover Details S2-111011 agreedSA2#83Motorola Soluti... Details SP-110078 approvedSA#51S210.3.0TEI10 2G
See details 23.40209631F10.2.1Rel-10PDN GW initiated Resource Allocation Deactivation Details S2-110171 agreed Alcatel-Lucent Details SP-110074 approvedSA#51S210.3.0SMOG 2G
See details 23.4020962-F10.2.1Rel-10S4-SGSN functions for PDN GW Selection Function for Non-3GPP Accesses for S2a and S2b Details S2-110017 agreed ZTE Details SP-110078 approvedSA#51S210.3.0TEI10 2G
See details 23.40209582F10.2.1Rel-10Clarification on Inter-System Routing Policies - Alignment with Stage 3 Details S2-110180 agreed LG Electronics,... Details SP-110068 approvedSA#51S210.3.0IFOM, MAPCON 2G
See details 23.40209273F10.2.1Rel-10Clarification on ANDSF knowledge of UE IFOM and/or MAPCON capabilities   Research In Mot... Details SP-110089 approvedSA#51MCC10.3.0IFOM 2G