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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
29.1180112-10.0.0Rel-10Corrections related to use of location area identifier IE at MME upon receiving SGsAP-PAGING-REQUEST message Details C1-103430 agreedCP-100518approved10.1.0
29.1180111-10.0.0Rel-10Behavior of the recipient upon receipt of an erroneous SGsAP-Status message Details C1-103429 agreedCP-100518approved10.1.0
29.1180106-10.0.0Rel-10SGsAP-SERVICE-REQUEST message is not sent when UE is in EMM-IDLE mode Details C1-103082 agreedCP-100518approved10.1.0
29.1180105-10.0.0Rel-10Where to page for the UE for a mobile terminated CS call when no NAS signalling connection exists Details C1-103081 agreedCP-100518approved10.1.0
29.1180103210.0.0Rel-10Data Restoration and SGs Association Recovery Details C1-103453 agreedCP-100518approved10.1.0
29.1180102210.0.0Rel-10VLR Abnormal Case Handling for SMS-MO Call Details C1-103564 agreedCP-100518approved10.1.0
29.1180098210.0.0Rel-10MME State Diagram Correction Details C1-103445 agreedCP-100518approved10.1.0
29.1180091110.0.0Rel-10IMSI detach from EPS and Non-EPS services Details C1-102579 agreedCP-100495approved10.1.0
29.1180088310.0.0Rel-10Call cancellation for CSFB MT Details C1-103286 agreedCP-100518approved10.1.0
29.1180086210.0.0Rel-10Correction to LAI derivation for default SGs scenario Details C1-102781 agreedCP-100501approved10.1.0
29.1180083110.0.0Rel-10MME Name Details C1-102767 agreedCP-100518approved10.1.0
29.1180081410.0.0Rel-10Add Timezone IE in SGs Location Update Request Details C1-103451 agreedCP-100520approved10.1.0
29.1180076110.0.0Rel-10Location Update Retry on LAIs of other RATs Details C1-102724 agreedCP-100518approved10.1.0