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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
36.9030013-9.0.0Rel-9Add Test Tolerance analysis for E-UTRAN to UTRA Cell Re-Selection test cases
36.9030012-9.0.0Rel-9Add Uncertainties and TT analysis for TC in 36.903R5-114020agreedRP-111137approved9.1.0
36.9030011-9.0.0Rel-9Update analysis for TC 8.3.3+8.4.3 in 36.903R5-114018agreedRP-111137approved9.1.0
36.9030010-9.0.0Rel-9Add Test Tolerance analysis for E-UTRAN FDD- UTRAN TDD event triggered reporting under fading propagation conditionsR5-114017agreedRP-111137approved9.1.0
36.9030009-9.0.0Rel-9Add Test Tolerance analysis for E-UTRAN FDD/TDD - UTRA FDD CPICH Ec/No absolute measurement accuracy test casesR5-114015agreedRP-111137approved9.1.0
36.9030008-9.0.0Rel-9Test Tolerance analysis for TS36.521-3 FDD SON ANR test case 8.5.2R5-114012agreedRP-111137approved9.1.0
36.9030007-9.0.0Rel-9Update Test Tolerance analysis for Test cases 8.xR5-114011agreedRP-111137approved9.1.0
36.9030006-9.0.0Rel-9RRM Test Tols Updates agreed at RAN5#50 for TR 36.903R5-114010agreedRP-111137approved9.1.0
36.9030005-9.0.0Rel-9Add Test Tolerance analysis for E-UTRAN to UTRA TDD handover test case 5.2.4R5-114008agreedRP-111137approved9.1.0
36.9030004-9.0.0Rel-9Add Test Tolerance analysis for the inter RAT E-UTRAN handover test cases 5.2.1 and 5.2.2R5-113248agreedRP-111137approved9.1.0
36.9030003-9.0.0Rel-9RRM Test Tols agreed at RAN5#51 in TR 36.903R5-113228agreedRP-111137approved9.1.0
36.9030002-9.0.0Rel-9RRM Test Tols agreed at RAN5#50 in TR 36.903R5-113227agreedRP-111137approved9.1.0
36.9030001-9.0.0Rel-9Test Tolerance analysis for RRM test case