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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.4011290-8.6.0Rel-8Missing PGW actions during UE requested bearer resource modification procedure Details S2-095559 agreedSP-090589approved8.7.0
23.401126418.6.0Rel-8Clarification of TEIDs for data forwarding Details S2-095816 agreedSP-090589approved8.7.0
23.401126138.6.0Rel-8APN Restriction Transfer Details S2-096025 agreedSP-090584approved8.7.0
23.401124718.6.0Rel-8EPS bearer preservation at S1 Release Details S2-095809 agreedSP-090589approved8.7.0
23.401123418.6.0Rel-8Correct Information Storage for MME Details S2-095854 agreedSP-090592approved8.7.0
23.401121628.6.0Rel-8corrections about iRAT handover procedures Details S2-095918 agreedSP-090589approved8.7.0
23.4011210-8.6.0Rel-8ISR not locally deactivated during bearer establishment and modification Details S2-095097 agreedSP-090589approved8.7.0
23.401120218.6.0Rel-8Clarification on the condition for resource release of other CN node during handover procedure Details S2-095820 agreedSP-090589approved8.7.0
23.401119218.6.0Rel-8Warning system: accuracy of internal clock - update from SA3 Details S2-094941 agreedSP-090588approved8.7.0
23.401118528.6.0Rel-8Fix misalignment of QCI mapping for pre-Rel-8 QoS Details S2-094912 agreedSP-090588approved8.7.0
23.401118318.6.0Rel-8Corrections for wildcard APN Details S2-094663 agreedSP-090588approved8.7.0
23.4011181-8.6.0Rel-8Yet another correction for data forwarding Details S2-094587 agreedSP-090588approved8.7.0
23.401117718.6.0Rel-8Mapping of APN-AMBR to MBR by UE Details S2-094711 agreedSP-090588approved8.7.0
23.401117178.6.0Rel-8Remove Un-necessary LAU from ISR Details S2-096081 agreedSP-090588approved8.7.0
23.401116228.6.0Rel-823.401 CR1162: TAI to be conveyed between MMEs in handover Details S2-095814 agreedSP-090587approved8.7.0
23.401116018.6.0Rel-8Support of the Dual Address Bearer with PMIP Details S2-094687 agreedSP-090594approved8.7.0
23.401115618.6.0Rel-8Clarification of APN OI Replacement Usage Details S2-094691 agreedSP-090587approved8.7.0
23.401115318.6.0Rel-8Add missing parameters Details S2-094696 agreedSP-090587approved8.7.0
23.401114718.6.0Rel-8Correction of architecture figures Details S2-094694 agreedSP-090587approved8.7.0
23.4011130-8.6.0Rel-8Remove the rejection notification to the HSS when the UE is rejected. Details S2-094376 agreedSP-090587approved8.7.0
23.401112818.6.0Rel-8Corrections on the Load re-balancing between MMEs and MME control of overload. Details S2-094665 agreedSP-090587approved8.7.0
23.4011126-8.6.0Rel-8Clarification about resources release allocated for indirect forwarding. Details S2-094372 agreedSP-090587approved8.7.0
23.4011124-8.6.0Rel-8Correction to UE triggered Service Request procedure Details S2-094358 agreedSP-090586approved8.7.0
23.4011112-8.6.0Rel-8The MME function clarification Details S2-094337 agreedSP-090586approved8.7.0
23.4011100-8.6.0Rel-8Corrections to information storage for MME and Serving GW Details S2-094301 agreedSP-090586approved8.7.0
23.4011098-8.6.0Rel-8Remove Charging Id from S11 Details S2-094290 agreedSP-090586approved8.7.0
23.401109718.6.0Rel-8No unnecessary TFT updates Details S2-094658 agreedSP-090586approved8.7.0
23.401109628.6.0Rel-8ISR Snapshot (alignment with CT WG1) and some other clarifications Details S2-094876 agreedSP-090584approved8.7.0
23.401109538.6.0Rel-8Clarification about Message ID, Serial Number and Message Content settings Details S2-095239 agreedSP-090580approved8.7.0
23.401109228.6.0Rel-8MME does not support CS service on control of overload Details S2-094874 agreedSP-090586approved8.7.0