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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
36.1040399111.4.0Rel-12Introduction of LTE Advanced Inter-Band Carrier Aggregation of Band 2 and Band 13 to TS36.104R4-132991agreedRP-130775approved12.0.0
36.1040397-11.4.0Rel-12Introduction of LTE 450 into TS 36.104R4-132511agreedRP-130790approved12.0.0
36.1040395111.4.0Rel-12Introduction of US WCS Band (Band 30) to TS 36.104R4-133066agreedRP-130791approved12.0.0
36.1040393-11.4.0Rel-12Introduction of intra-band non-contiguous CA combination for Band 4R4-132035agreedRP-130787approved12.0.0
36.1040392-11.4.0Rel-12Introduction of inter-band CA combination for Band 2 and Band 4R4-132033agreedRP-130773approved12.0.0
36.1040385-11.4.0Rel-12Introduction of CA band combination Band19 + Band21 to TS 36.104R4-131397agreedRP-130783approved12.0.0
36.1040384-11.4.0Rel-12Introduction of CA band combination Band3 + Band19 to TS 36.104R4-131385agreedRP-130777approved12.0.0
36.1040383-11.4.0Rel-12Introduction of LTE Advanced inter-band carrier aggregation of Band 3 and Band 26 into TS 36.104 (Rel-12)R4-131328agreedRP-130779approved12.0.0
36.1040381-11.4.0Rel-12Introduction of LTE Advanced inter-band Carrier Aggregation of Band 23 and Band 29 to TS 36.104R4-131045agreedRP-130785approved12.0.0
36.1040374111.4.0Rel-12Introduction of LTE Advanced inter-band Carrier Aggregation of Band 3 and Band 28 to TS 36.104R4-132044agreedRP-130781approved12.0.0
36.1040366111.4.0Rel-12Introduction of CA 1+8 into TS36.104(Rel-12)R4-132900agreedRP-130771approved12.0.0