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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
34.121-11238-8.9.0Rel-8UTRAN FDD - E-UTRAN TDD RSRQ Measurement Accuracy TestsR5-100903agreedRP-100142approved8.10.0
34.121-11237-8.9.0Rel-8UTRAN FDD - E-UTRAN TDD RSRP Measurement Accuracy TestsR5-100902agreedRP-100142approved8.10.0
34.121-11236-8.9.0Rel-8New CQI test case for Periodically Varying Radio ConditionsR5-100882agreedRP-100141approved8.10.0
34.121-11235-8.9.0Rel-8Introduction of enhanced serving HS-DSCH cell change test case into section 8R5-100878agreedRP-100159approved8.10.0
34.121-11234-8.9.0Rel-8Addition of new DC-HSDPA Type 3i test case 9.2.1 LA to TS 34.121-1R5-100877agreedRP-100149approved8.10.0
34.121-11233-8.9.0Rel-8Addition of statistical tables for DC-HSDPA receiver testsR5-100876agreedRP-100149approved8.10.0
34.121-11232-8.9.0Rel-8CR to 34.121-1: Introduction of Extended UMTS1500MHz for TRx requirementsR5-100874agreedRP-100142approved8.10.0
34.121-11231-8.9.0Rel-8Update of 9.3.1A Channel Code PowerR5-100869agreedRP-100142approved8.10.0
34.121-11230-8.9.0Rel-8Compressed mode reference pattern parameter updates to Annex C.5 to 34.121-1R5-100868agreedRP-100142approved8.10.0
34.121-11229-8.9.0Rel-8Addition of new test case TC (Combined Interfrequency and E-UTRAN measurements) to TS 34.121-1R5-100867agreedRP-100142approved8.10.0
34.121-11227-8.9.0Rel-8CR to 34.121-1: Correction to 5.2B, 5.9B and 5.10B test casesR5-100564agreedRP-100139approved8.10.0
34.121-11226-8.9.0Rel-8CR to 34.121-1: Introduction of Extended UMTS1500MHz for RRM requirementsR5-100557agreedRP-100154approved8.10.0
34.121-11225-8.9.0Rel-8CR to 34.121-1: Addition of cell mapping for U-TRA E-UTRA RRMs test casesR5-100554agreedRP-100142approved8.10.0
34.121-11224-8.9.0Rel-8CR to 34.121-1: Addtion of Combined UTRA FDD - UTRA FDD - E-UTRA FDD cell search test caseR5-100553agreedRP-100142approved8.10.0
34.121-11223-8.9.0Rel-8CR to 34.121-1: Update to UTRA - E-UTRA cell search (fading) test casesR5-100552agreedRP-100142approved8.10.0
34.121-11222-8.9.0Rel-8CR to 34.121-1: Update to UTRA FDD - E-UTRA FDD handover (unknown target cell) test caseR5-100551agreedRP-100142approved8.10.0
34.121-11221-8.9.0Rel-8CR to 34.121-1: Update to UTRA FDD - E-UTRA FDD handover test caseR5-100550agreedRP-100142approved8.10.0
34.121-11220-8.9.0Rel-8CR to 34.121-1: Update to UTRA FDD - E-UTRA FDD cell re-selection test casesR5-100549agreedRP-100142approved8.10.0
34.121-11219-8.9.0Rel-8Updates to DC-HSDPA CQI reporting test cases (Section 9.3) of TS 34.121-1R5-100213agreedRP-100149approved8.10.0
34.121-11218-8.9.0Rel-8Updates to Annexure of 34.121-1 due to addition of DC-HSDPA Type 3i test casesR5-100166agreedRP-100149approved8.10.0
34.121-11217-8.9.0Rel-8Updates to DC-HSDPA performance test cases (Section 9.2) of TS 34.121-1R5-100165agreedRP-100149approved8.10.0
34.121-11216-8.9.0Rel-8Addition of new test case TC 8.3.4d (UTRA FDD to EUTRA TDD HO) to TS 34.121-1R5-100157agreedRP-100142approved8.10.0
34.121-11215-8.9.0Rel-8Title change for test case in TC in annexesR5-100149agreedRP-100139approved8.10.0
34.121-11214-8.9.0Rel-8Title change for test case in TC in section 8R5-100148agreedRP-100139approved8.10.0
34.121-11213-8.9.0Rel-8Correction to power setting with HS-DPCCHR5-100146agreedRP-100138approved8.10.0
34.121-11212-8.9.0Rel-8Correction TC 7.8.5R5-100145agreedRP-100139approved8.10.0
34.121-11211-8.9.0Rel-8Clarification to testing of RRM test cases with multiple antenna connectorsR5-100144agreedRP-100137approved8.10.0
34.121-11210-8.9.0Rel-8Addition of UE Power Class 3bis to all bandsR5-100143agreedRP-100139approved8.10.0
34.121-11209-8.9.0Rel-8Introduction of enhanced serving HS-DSCH cell change test case into annexR5-100141agreedRP-100159approved8.10.0
34.121-11208-8.9.0Rel-8Amendments to DC-HSDPA receiver test casesR5-100138agreedRP-100149approved8.10.0