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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
45.005022638.3.0Rel-8Alignment of Power Level in Nominal Error Rate Measurement with GMSK Modulation to the Relaxed Blocking Values of GSM 400, T-GSM 810 and E-GSM 900GP-090537agreedGP-090537approved8.4.0
45.005022418.3.0Rel-8Clarification of exceptions for MCBTS regarding Spectrum due to modulation and wideband noiseGP-090433agreedGP-090433approved8.4.0
45.0050223-8.3.0Rel-8EVM for EGPRS2-B DLGP-090230agreedGP-090230approved8.4.0
45.005022118.3.0Rel-8Reference Performance for EGPRS2, Adjacent-Channel interferenceGP-090430agreedGP-090430approved8.4.0
45.0050219-8.3.0Rel-8Reference Performance for EGPRS2, Co-Channel interferenceGP-090220agreedGP-090220approved8.4.0
45.005021718.3.0Rel-8Reference Performance for EGPRS2, SensitivityGP-090417agreedGP-090417approved8.4.0
45.005021518.3.0Rel-8Correction of absolute limit for IM products from multicarrier BTSGP-090441agreedGP-090441approved8.4.0
45.0050214-8.3.0Rel-8Correction of frequency range for GSM 700 regarding blocking requirementsGP-090208agreedGP-090208approved8.4.0
45.005021218.3.0Rel-8Correction of requirements for Nominal Error Rate at higher order modulationsGP-090418agreedGP-090418approved8.4.0
45.005021118.3.0Rel-8Introduction of multicarrier BTS class for GSM 700, GSM 850 and PCS 1900Introduction of multicarrier BTS class for GSM 700, GSM 850 and PCS 1900GP-090438agreedGP-090438approved8.4.0
45.005021018.3.0Rel-8Enhancement of readability of multicarrier spectral requirementsGP-090306agreedGP-090306approved8.4.0