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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
32.2510339212.3.0Rel-12Rel-12 CR 32251 Correction on missing Serving Network in PS CDRs for Network SharingS5-131746agreedSP-130616approved12.4.0
32.2510338112.3.0Rel-12Rel-12 CR 32.251 Charging principles for Charging per IP-CAN SessionS5-132113agreedSP-130622approved12.4.0
32.2510332112.3.0Rel-12Rel-12 CR 32.251 Addition of TDF specific charging information to support application based chargingS5-132109agreedSP-130620approved12.4.0
32.2510330112.3.0Rel-12Rel-12 CR 32.251 Addition of requirements for Application Based Charging functionalityS5-132108agreedSP-130620approved12.4.0
32.2510329-12.3.0Rel-12Rel-12 CR 32.251 Correction for use of Destination-Host AVP in ACRS5-132017agreedSP-130616approved12.4.0
32.2510324112.3.0Rel-12Rel-12 CR 32.251 Introduction of Ro triggers for Online Charging - PCEF located in Fixed Broadband accessS5-132122agreedSP-130626approved12.4.0
32.2510323112.3.0Rel-12Rel-12 CR 32.251 Introduction of Rf and CDR triggers for Offline Charging - PCEF located in Fixed Broadband accessS5-132121agreedSP-130626approved12.4.0
32.2510321-12.3.0Rel-12Correction for User Location Info TimeS5-131748agreedSP-130618approved12.4.0
32.2510320112.3.0Rel-12Addition of Charging Characteristics for TDFS5-131799agreedSP-130620approved12.4.0
32.2510318112.3.0Rel-12Rel-12 CR 32.251 offline charging principles of application based chargingS5-131760agreedSP-130620approved12.4.0
32.2510317212.3.0Rel-12Rel-12 CR 32.251 online charging principles of application based chargingS5-132120agreedSP-130620approved12.4.0
32.2510316212.3.0Rel-12Rel-12 CR 32.215 Introduction of Online Charging scenarios - PCEF located in Fixed Broadband accessS5-132002agreedSP-130626approved12.4.0
32.2510315212.3.0Rel-12Rel-12 CR 32.251 Introduction of Offline Charging scenarios - PCEF located in Fixed Broadband accessS5-132001agreedSP-130626approved12.4.0
32.2510314112.3.0Rel-12Rel-12 CR 32.251 Introduction of Charging Information - PCEF located in Fixed Broadband accessS5-131811agreedSP-130626approved12.4.0
32.2510313212.3.0Rel-12Rel-12 CR 32.251 Introduce Charging principles and additional requirements for PCEF located in IP-EdgeS5-132190agreedSP-130626approved12.4.0
32.2510312112.3.0Rel-12Rel-12 CR 32.251 Refinement on Charging architecture description for PCEF located in IP-EdgeS5-131809agreedSP-130626approved12.4.0
32.2510311212.3.0Rel-12Rel-12 CR 32251 Requirements for Application Based Charging functionalityS5-132112agreedSP-130620approved12.4.0
32.2510310212.3.0Rel-12Rel-12 CR 32.251 Full applicability of TDF based charging requirements in case of Fixed Broadband Access scenarioS5-132189agreedSP-130625approved12.4.0
32.2510305112.3.0Rel-12Rel-12 CR 32251 Correction on Serving Node MCC MNC description in PS information for Network SharingS5-131741agreedSP-130616approved12.4.0
32.2510300-12.3.0Rel-12Rel-12 CR 32251 Correction on Serving Node PLMN description in EPC CDRs for Network SharingS5-131615agreedSP-130616approved12.4.0
32.2510294112.3.0Rel-12Rel-12 CR 32.251 Triggers for application based online charging in TDFS5-131761agreedSP-130620approved12.4.0