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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
34.229-30026-6.0.0Rel-6IMS regression errors in wk47 ATSR5s070503agreedRP-080094approved6.1.0
34.229-30025-6.0.0Rel-6Common corrections to IMS-CC test casesR5s070534agreedRP-080094approved6.1.0
34.229-30024-6.0.0Rel-6Addition of IMS-CC test case 7.1 to IMS_CC ATS V5.1.0R5s070491agreedRP-080094approved6.1.0
34.229-30023-6.0.0Rel-6Addition of IMS-CC test case 8.1 to IMS_CC ATS V5.1.0R5s070541agreedRP-080094approved6.1.0
34.229-30022-6.0.0Rel-6Addition of IMS-CC test case 8.4 to IMS_CC ATS V5.1.0R5s070547agreedRP-080094approved6.1.0
34.229-30021-6.0.0Rel-6Addition of IMS-CC test case 13.1 to IMS_CC ATS V5.1.0R5s070553agreedRP-080094approved6.1.0
34.229-30020-6.0.0Rel-6Addition of IMS-CC test case 14.1 to IMS_CC ATS V5.1.0R5s070555agreedRP-080094approved6.1.0
34.229-30019-6.0.0Rel-6Addition of IMS-CC test case 11.1 to IMS_CC ATS V5.1.0R5s070551agreedRP-080094approved6.1.0
34.229-30018-6.0.0Rel-6Addition of IMS-CC test case 7.4 to IMS_CC ATS V5.1.0R5s070537agreedRP-080094approved6.1.0
34.229-30017-6.0.0Rel-6Addition of IMS-CC test case 7.6 to IMS_CC ATS V5.1.0R5s070539agreedRP-080094approved6.1.0
34.229-30016-6.0.0Rel-6Addition of IMS-CC test case 8.2 to IMS_CC ATS V5.1.0R5s070543agreedRP-080094approved6.1.0
34.229-30015-6.0.0Rel-6Addition of IMS-CC test case 8.3 to IMS_CC ATS V5.1.0R5s070545agreedRP-080094approved6.1.0
34.229-30014-6.0.0Rel-6Addition of IMS-CC test case 10.1 to IMS_CC ATS V5.1.0R5s070549agreedRP-080094approved6.1.0
34.229-30013-6.0.0Rel-6Addition of IMS-CC test case 7.2 to IMS_CC ATS V5.3.0R5s070535agreedRP-080094approved6.1.0
34.229-30012-6.0.0Rel-6to 34.229-3: Add new verified and e-mail agreed TTCN test cases in the TC lists in 34.229-3 (prose), Annex A- RP-080089approved6.1.0
34.229-30011-6.0.0Rel-6Update of MMI command stringsR5-080041agreedRP-080098approved6.1.0