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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
22.2780183512.2.0Rel-12Clarification for the use of ProSe UE-to-Network Relay - Network Reachability Indication by ProSe-enabled Public Safety UE Served by E-UTRAN- SP-130315approved12.3.0
22.2780182312.2.0Rel-12Setting Up and Handling for ProSe UE-to-UE Relay- SP-130315approved12.3.0
22.2780181112.2.0Rel-12Correction of ProSe Services to ProSe- SP-130315approved12.3.0
22.2780176412.2.0Rel-12The addition of a definition for æcommunication rangeÆ- SP-130315approved12.3.0
22.2780175412.2.0Rel-12Remaining details in consistent usage of range terminology- SP-130315approved12.3.0
22.2780173212.2.0Rel-12Control of resource applies also when UEs are served by the same eNB.- SP-130315approved12.3.0
22.2780172312.2.0Rel-12ProSe System means ProSe- SP-130315approved12.3.0
22.2780169412.2.0Rel-12Discovery can be requested by any application- SP-130315approved12.3.0
22.2780168212.2.0Rel-12Update to Requirement on EPC Proximity Detection- SP-130315approved12.3.0
22.2780165312.2.0Rel-12ProSe Discovery Definition Update- SP-130315approved12.3.0
22.2780163112.2.0Rel-12Add requirement to limit the number of ProSe UE-to-UE relays between two Public Safety ProSe-enabled UEs to one.- SP-130315approved12.3.0
22.2780159312.2.0Rel-12Clarifying the Requirement on Pre-Configuring Public Safety ProSe-enabled UEs for operations without any connection to the E-UTRAN- SP-130315approved12.3.0
22.2780158312.2.0Rel-12Addressing uncertainties in deployment of Public Safety ProSe- SP-130315approved12.3.0
22.2780156212.2.0Rel-12Clarification to interactions between ProSe relaying, ProSe Communication and ProSe Group Communication- SP-130315approved12.3.0
22.2780155312.2.0Rel-12On dimensioning requirements for ProSe UE-to-UE Relay- SP-130315approved12.3.0
22.2780153412.2.0Rel-12Infrastructure path corrections- SP-130315approved12.3.0
22.2780152212.2.0Rel-12Correcting Service Continuity Requirement in UE-to-Network Relay Scenarios- SP-130315approved12.3.0
22.2780150312.2.0Rel-12Replace WiFi Direct with WLAN direct communications- SP-130315approved12.3.0
22.2780148412.2.0Rel-12Clarifying the Requirement on Authorizing ProSe Data Sessions in Public Safety Scenarios- SP-130315approved12.3.0
22.2780146712.2.0Rel-12Service description for ProSe Discovery and ProSe CommunicationS1-133299 SP-130315approved12.3.0
22.2780143212.2.0Rel-12Clarify what means off network ProSe- SP-130315approved12.3.0
22.2780140212.2.0Rel-12Deleting a duplicate Public Safety requirement arising from the ProSe Group use case- SP-130315approved12.3.0
22.2780136212.2.0Rel-12Clarifying the use of the term ærangeÆ- SP-130315approved12.3.0
22.2780133112.2.0Rel-12Explicitly excluding GSM and UMTS from ProSe- SP-130315approved12.3.0
22.2780132412.2.0Rel-12Correction of ôin / out of E-UTRAN coverageö and editorials- SP-130315approved12.3.0
22.2780131412.2.0Rel-12Addition of a new requirement in the Public Safety Specific Requirements for Proximity Services for the use of direct radio signals- SP-130315approved12.3.0
22.2780128312.2.0Rel-12Addition of an agreed requirement in the Public Safety Specific Requirements for Proximity Services- SP-130315approved12.3.0
22.2780127912.2.0Rel-12Broadening of ProSe Communication Definition to include ProSe Group and ProSe Broadcast Communications for Public Safety.- SP-130315approved12.3.0
22.2780126212.2.0Rel-12Add a ProSe API requirement and two requirement fixes for Proximity Services- SP-130315approved12.3.0