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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
29.212039519.0.0Rel-9PCC/QoS rule modification failure handling Details C3-091991 agreedCP-090840approved9.1.0
29.212039229.0.0Rel-9Correction to applicability of the PDN-Connection-ID AVP Details C3-091927 agreedCP-090857approved9.1.0
29.212038919.0.0Rel-9Resolve editors note on MCC/MNC AVP Details C3-091867 agreedCP-090840approved9.1.0
29.212038739.0.0Rel-9EPC-based non-3GPP Annex Details C3-091945 agreedCP-090840approved9.1.0
29.212038319.0.0Rel-93GPP-RAT-Type support for backward compatibility Details C3-091861 agreedCP-090840approved9.1.0
29.212038119.0.0Rel-9Cleaning of the Editor's Notes Details C3-091859 agreedCP-090840approved9.1.0
29.212037919.0.0Rel-9QCI change during an MS-Initiated EPS Bearer Modification Procedure Details C3-091857 agreedCP-090840approved9.1.0
29.212037719.0.0Rel-9Correction for the missing Charging-Rule-Base-Name Details C3-091844 agreedCP-090836approved9.1.0
29.212037429.0.0Rel-9PCC Support for CSG Details C3-091946 agreedCP-090857approved9.1.0
29.212037149.0.0Rel-9Supported Features for Rel-9 Gx and Gxx Details C3-092006 agreedCP-090857approved9.1.0
29.212036919.0.0Rel-9Clarification and correction of IPv6 procedures over Gx Details C3-091437 agreedCP-090836approved9.1.0
29.212036629.0.0Rel-9Clarification of the Event-Report-Indication AVP Details C3-091871 agreedCP-090840approved9.1.0
29.212036419.0.0Rel-9Corrections to PCC rule provisioning Details C3-091487 agreedCP-090836approved9.1.0
29.212036019.0.0Rel-9Corrections to applicability of some AVPs Details C3-091485 agreedCP-090840approved9.1.0
29.212035629.0.0Rel-9Corrections on setting of IP-CAN Type value Details C3-091863 agreedCP-090840approved9.1.0
29.212035339.0.0Rel-9Addition of allowed values for QCI AVP Details C3-091547 agreedCP-090840approved9.1.0
29.212035259.0.0Rel-9Mapping of access network codes Details C3-091993 agreedCP-090840approved9.1.0
29.212034749.0.0Rel-9Completion of Gx procedures for IMS Emergency calls Details C3-091571 agreedCP-090856approved9.1.0
29.212034629.0.0Rel-9USge Reporting in Gx Details C3-091592 agreedCP-090857approved9.1.0
29.212033819.0.0Rel-9Mapping for GRPS QoS Class Identifier to from UMTS QoS parameters Details C3-091471 agreedCP-090840approved9.1.0
29.212033629.0.0Rel-9RAT type in the initial CCR Details C3-091529 agreedCP-090836approved9.1.0
29.2120333-9.0.0Rel-9Adding time zone event related AVP in the RAA Details C3-091197 agreedCP-090836approved9.1.0