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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
29.2120642211.0.1Rel-11Bearer Control Mode for multiple PDN connections for 3GPP2 accesses Details C3-111144 agreedCP-110405approved11.1.0
29.2120636211.0.1Rel-11modifications related to the introduction of Sd: Section 5b - Sd messages Details C3-111166 agreedCP-110423approved11.1.0
29.2120635211.0.1Rel-11modifications related to the introduction of Sd: Section 5b - Sd protocol AVPs Details C3-111168 agreedCP-110423approved11.1.0
29.2120634211.0.1Rel-11modifications related to the introduction of Sd: Section 4b - ADC Procedures definitions Details C3-111165 agreedCP-110423approved11.1.0
29.2120633211.0.1Rel-11modifications related to the introduction of Sd: Section 4b general and functional elements definitions. Details C3-111149 agreedCP-110423approved11.1.0
29.2120632311.0.1Rel-11introduction of new AVPs into Gx related to TDF functionality Details C3-111216 agreedCP-110423approved11.1.0
29.2120631111.0.1Rel-11modifications related to the introduction of TDF enhancements into PCEF Details C3-111157 agreedCP-110423approved11.1.0
29.2120630111.0.1Rel-11general modifications of title, scope and definitions related to the introduction of TDF Details C3-111154 agreedCP-110423approved11.1.0
29.2120627111.0.1Rel-11Subscriber Spending Limits based on Sy reference point (R11 29.212) Details C3-111066 agreedCP-110425approved11.1.0
29.2120626111.0.1Rel-11QoS setting for Pre-R7 UE (R11 29.212) Details C3-111064 agreedCP-110420approved11.1.0
29.2120624111.0.1Rel-11Event Trigger not used in Gxx (R11 29.212) Details C3-111055 agreedCP-110405approved11.1.0
29.2120621111.0.1Rel-11Accumulated usage reporting for all the enabled monitoring keys (R11 29.212) Details C3-111053 agreedCP-110405approved11.1.0
29.2120615211.0.1Rel-11Remove the editors note in clause 4.5.16 Details C3-111208 agreedCP-110413approved11.1.0
29.2120613-11.0.1Rel-11Correction to applicablitity of QoS-Base-Rule-Name Details C3-110917 agreedCP-110405approved11.1.0
29.2120608111.0.1Rel-11Pre-emption AVP for Bearer Details C3-111061 agreedCP-110396approved11.1.0
29.2120607111.0.1Rel-11Pre-emption value for Default Bearer Details C3-111057 agreedCP-110422approved11.1.0