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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.401162919.4.0Rel-10Clarification on S-TMSI and GUMEI usage Details S2-102779 agreedSP-100351approved10.0.0
23.401161839.4.0Rel-10PDN GW selection for SIPTO Details S2-103070 agreedSP-100341approved10.0.0
23.401159929.4.0Rel-10Introduction of IPv6 Prefix Delegation into 23.401 Details S2-102935 agreedSP-100351approved10.0.0
23.401159319.4.0Rel-10Definition of the SIPTO flag in the HSS and MME subscriber info Details S2-102889 agreedSP-100341approved10.0.0
23.401159029.4.0Rel-10Introduction of SIPTO for EPS Details S2-102886 agreedSP-100341approved10.0.0
23.401158929.4.0Rel-10ECN grace period Details S2-103019 agreedSP-100337approved10.0.0
23.401158819.4.0Rel-10Allow MBR > GBR Details S2-102912 agreedSP-100337approved10.0.0
23.4011580-9.4.0Rel-10Clarification on TEID usage Details S2-101988 agreedSP-100351approved10.0.0
23.401157819.4.0Rel-10Release of IPv4 address on v4v6 PDN connection Details S2-102046 agreedSP-100351approved10.0.0
23.4011577-9.4.0Rel-10Deletion of Source eNodeB Identifier from HANDOVER REQUIRED Details S2-101985 agreedSP-100351approved10.0.0
23.401155719.4.0Rel-10Clarify the handling of the MM context in mobility procedures Details S2-102024 agreedSP-100351approved10.0.0
23.401155619.4.0Rel-10Adding the reference clause on the paging optimization function using CSG information Details S2-102023 agreedSP-100351approved10.0.0
23.401127729.4.0Rel-10Procedures for multi access PDN connectivity: initial attach and UE requested PDN connectivity Details S2-102522 agreedSP-100342approved10.0.0