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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
34.123-32846-8.7.0Rel-8Correction to MAC testcase 7.1.5a.6R5s100762agreedRP-101149approved8.8.0
34.123-32845-8.7.0Rel-8Correction to Rel-7 CPC testcase
34.123-32844-8.7.0Rel-8Correction for GCF WI-010 SMS test case 16.2.2R5s100770agreedRP-101149approved8.8.0
34.123-32843-8.7.0Rel-8Correction for GCF WI-012 NAS test case
34.123-32842-8.7.0Rel-8Addition of GCF WI-110 Enhanced Cell FACH DL RRC test case to HSPA7_ENH ATSR5s100716agreedRP-101149approved8.8.0
34.123-32841-8.7.0Rel-8Addition of GCF WI-110 Enhanced Cell FACH DL RRC test case to HSPA7_ENH ATSR5s100718agreedRP-101149approved8.8.0
34.123-32840-8.7.0Rel-8Correction to the common test step ts_RegistrationReject_IdleR5s100677agreedRP-101149approved8.8.0
34.123-32839-8.7.0Rel-8Corrections to Rel-99 testcasesR5s100613agreedRP-101149approved8.8.0
34.123-32838-8.7.0Rel-8Addition of GCF WI-110 Enhanced Cell FACH DL RAB test case 14.5.3 to HSPA7_ENH ATSR5s100599agreedRP-101149approved8.8.0
34.123-32837-8.7.0Rel-8Addition of GCF WI-110 Enhanced Cell FACH DL RRC test case to HSPA7_ENH ATSR5s100601agreedRP-101149approved8.8.0
34.123-32836-8.7.0Rel-8Correction to UMTS Security Capabilities.R5s100578agreedRP-101149approved8.8.0
34.123-32835-8.7.0Rel-8Correction to UE Network Capability in UMTSR5s100574agreedRP-101149approved8.8.0
34.123-32834-8.7.0Rel-8Correction to GCF WI-025 testcase
34.123-32833-8.7.0Rel-8Corrections to Rel-8 CSVoice over HSPA test casesR5s100552agreedRP-101149approved8.8.0
34.123-32832-8.7.0Rel-8Corrections to Rel-6 test cases and
34.123-32831-8.7.0Rel-8Correction to GCF WI-025 testcase
34.123-32830-8.7.0Rel-8Addition of GCF WI-067 MiMo RAB test case 14.6.1d to HSPA7_ENH ATSR5s100567agreedRP-101149approved8.8.0
34.123-32829-8.7.0Rel-8Addition of GCF WI-067 MiMo RAB test case 14.6.6c to HSPA7_ENH ATSR5s100569agreedRP-101149approved8.8.0
34.123-32828-8.7.0Rel-8Corrections to Rel-7 Enhanced Cell-FACH DL test casesR5s100543agreedRP-101149approved8.8.0
34.123-32827-8.7.0Rel-8Corrections to Rel-7 L2-Enhancement test case
34.123-32826-8.7.0Rel-8Regression CR on wk36 UMTS ATSR5s100540agreedRP-101149approved8.8.0
34.123-32825-8.7.0Rel-8Corrections to Rel-7 CPC test case and Rel-7 L2 Enh test case
34.123-32824-8.7.0Rel-8Correction to GCF WI-024 network sharing test case
34.123-32823-8.7.0Rel-8Correction for GCF WI-010 NAS test case
34.123-32822-8.7.0Rel-8Addition of GCF WI-110 Enhanced Cell FACH DL MAC test case 7.1.5a.6 to HSPA7_ENH ATSR5s100509agreedRP-101149approved8.8.0
34.123-32821-8.7.0Rel-8Addition of GCF WI-110 Enhanced Cell FACH DL RRC test case to HSPA7_ENH ATSR5s100511agreedRP-101149approved8.8.0
34.123-32820-8.7.0Rel-8Correction to GCF WI 10 SMS test case 16.1.1R5s100514agreedRP-101149approved8.8.0
34.123-32819-8.7.0Rel-8CR to 34.123-3: Add new verified and e-mail agreed TTCN test cases in the TC lists in 34.123-3 (prose), Annex A- RP-101148approved8.8.0
34.123-32818-8.7.0Rel-8Routine maintenanceR5-106547agreedRP-101146approved8.8.0
34.123-32817-8.7.0Rel-8New channel configurations for LCR TDD RB testsR5-106065agreedRP-101146approved8.8.0